Birthdays should be celebrated. Food should be celebrated. So it makes sense to combine the two. There are plenty of restaurants and chains that will give you birthday treats for your special day just for signing up for their rewards program.

Even better, most chain places give you at least a week to redeem your coupon, so you can keep up the birthday celebrations for over 24 hours. At no cost to you, here’s a list of how to score some free treats for that day that only rolls around once a year.

1. Ike’s Sandwiches


Photo courtesy of @twogoodtoresist on Instagram

Hit Ike’s up with a like on Facebook and sign up for their newsletter, and during your birthday month you’ll receive a coupon for a free sandwich. With a seemingly infinite menu, why wouldn’t you do this? The rest of the year, try whipping up your own epic sandwiches.

2. The Counter Burger


Photo courtesy of @thecounterburger on Instagram

A day or night spent at Santana Row is pretty typical Santa Clara. Sign up for the rewards program here, and get a free order of fries automatically, a $10 credit for each 4 people you refer, and a birthday shake whaaaat.

That’s a heckova lot of free stuff, and with the customizable menu you can’t go wrong here.

3. La Paloma


Photo by Eugene Ang

Free flan? Or your choice of ice cream? Uh, yea. I’ll take free dessert any day. Plus, La Paloma is such a lively place, it would be perfect for your birthday celebration even if there wasn’t free dessert. ¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

4. Bill’s Café


Photo courtesy of @sarah_nkim on Instagram

You’re in for some free bread pudding, a beautiful rendition of “Happy Birthday,” and, if you’re over 21, you get a shot. Win. Win. Win.

5. Noodles and Company


Photo courtesy of @noodlescompany on Instagram

For when you get hungry walking around the never ending, twisting and turning mall that is Westfield Valley Fair. Noodles are delicious, and with the chance to pick any noodle bowl (value up to $9) by signing up for their Eclub, this is a perfect birthday lunch pitstop.

6. Maggiano’s Little Italy


Photo courtesy of @maggianoslittleitaly on Instagram

Complementary of the chef, you’ll receive lemon cookies if you decide to come in on your birthday. With the endless menu options and the “buy one take one home” page, you’d be crazy not to come here.

Plus, you can request a birthday song because who doesn’t enjoy those 30 seconds when everyone else in the restaurant turns to look at you (and maybe join the song)? On your way out be sure to grab a couple of those delicious chocolate mints they keep at the front desk.



Photo courtesy of @ihop on Instagram

Did you hear about the one-legged lady working at IHOP? Pancakes are a perfect meal at any time of the day, so why not have them for birthday breakfast, lunch or dinner?

With so many free birthday foods that are desserts or dinner meals, iHOP is a great way to to break up that pattern. Sign up here for a free meal on your special day and a free meal just for signing up.

8. Pinkberry


Photo by Malyna Sanchez

Everyone should have a Pinkberry rewards card. I don’t have the physical card, so I tell them my phone number every time, and it works out great. After 10 purchases AND on your birthday you’ll get a free small size with toppings. Perfect for a snack or dessert.

Is anyone brave enough to respond with “which toppings would you like?” with “all of them”? Lmk. Sign up here.

9. Nothing Bundt Cakes


Photo courtesy of @nothingbundt on Instagram

There’s nothing better. Apologies to everyone who hates the word “moist,” but that’s the perfect description of these treats. There are almost too many delicious flavors to pick such as Pecan Praline and White Chocolate Raspberry.

Pick out an 8″ or 10″ cake or a group of mini bundtinis to share with some friends (or not) for your birthday celebration, and if you sign up for email, you’ll get a coupon for a free bundlet all for yourself. Dessert on dessert.