For 99% of your time in Halifax, you'll probably be living that broke college student life; but during that brief, magical 1% of the time when your parents come to visit, this college town transforms in front of your eyes. The rainy streets you've walked a million times are now, as Alladin would say, a whole new world...

This article is for all those upscale seafood restaurants, to-die-for pizza places, and the pubs you only ever drunkenly stumble past on your way out of to Cheers. 

Beauty Breakfast Spots:


This super popular brunch spot is located on Gottigen St. in the trendy North End of Halifax and serves up some of the best eggs benedict in the Maritimes. A fun fact about this restaurant is that EDNA actually stands for Eat Drink Nourish Always. My personal favourite is the salmon gravlax eggs benny but served on potato latkes instead of the classic buttermilk biscuit.

The Auction House

This real life auction house/brew pub/live music playing/delicious brunch serving establishment is one of those places that I had walked past on Argyle St. a bunch of times but never really noticed until my Dad came to Halifax to help me move out of rez (thanks Dad).

Boy had I been missing out big time. They serve that good, hearty comfort style food that feels like a big hug while also having lots of veggie and gluten-free options.

#SpoonTip: Check out their #HANGOVER dish for what I can only describe as poutine on crack. 

Lookin' for Lunch:

Your Father's Moustache

This Spring Garden staple serves up classic — and delicious — pub foods but makes sure to have lots of menu items for their sensitive-to-everything and vegan customers too. Their calamari with tomato sauce is an amazing twist on a seafood classic and to die for. Come here to experience some of that world-renowned east coast friendliness and yummy eats. 

Stubborn Goat Gastropub

If there is only one place on this list you hit up, let it be this one. I was so obsessed after the first time I came that I DREAMT about their mushroom mac and cheese (as pictured above). The dream entailed me on a candlelit dinner telling my mac and cheese how much I loved it...surrounded by other bowls of mac and cheeses on dates with each other. I took that as a sign that this is either my new favourite restaurant or I really need to get help for my weird AF dreams.

Damn Fine Dinner:

Salty's Upstairs

This is the ultimate out of my college budget restaurant. Go while the sun is still in the sky and ask for a table by the window to enjoy a stunning view of the harbour with your meal. There is no way you can go wrong with anything on this menu because it is all really well crafted and there is an obvious passion for good food that goes into all the dishes.

Although this restaurant is pricey (which is why you're getting your parents to take you there), don't worry because there are still lots of equally yummy lower priced dishes available.

Ristorante a Mano

This place has arguably the best pizza I've ever had. I know that's a ballsy statement but between the quality of ingredients, their crazy amount of passion for creating only the best food, and the state of mind-blowing excitement my taste buds enter every time I come here, I think that it's a fair claim. These guys know what they're doing and they do it extremely well.

#SpoonTip: Ask for a seat at the pizza bar. You will likely never have such a cool experience as watching the chefs make your food inches from your plate, all while chatting with you about techniques, ingredients, and life in general.

This list only scratches the surface of delicious eateries in Halifax, but may it be inspiration to spend some quality time with your birth givers and discover your new Halifax favourites as well! Bon appetit!