It’s no secret that being a Victoria’s Secret Angel is a lifestyle, not just a job. And part of that rigorous way of life includes staying in top shape and eating the best of the best. Does this include a vegetarian delivery service and 5 am gym wake-up calls? Well, if you truly want to eat like a VS model, then yes. So set those alarms and start saving, here’s how you too can eat like the top models in the biz:

Lily Aldridge

Victoria's Secret

Photo courtesy of @lilyaldridge on Instagram

VS Angel-turned-Snow Angel as Frostbyte in the “Bad Blood” music vid also swears by an all-organic diet. Helping her achieve her low-cal/high-flavor meals is the vegetarian meal delivery service, Sakara. It’s like a restaurant brought to your house, and once you see the prices you’ll know why. Other than the Lily-approved stamp on your new diet, your skin will be radiant and your abdomen will thank you.

Doutzen Kroes

Victoria's Secret

Photo courtesy of @doutzen on Instagram

Dutch natural beauty Doutzen Kroes knows a thing or two about bouncing back. Six weeks after giving birth, she appeared as glowing and fit as ever. Working out with New York City Ballet vet Mary Helen Bowers for the past two years, it’s to be noted that Doutzen’s workout routine is just as important as the food she puts in her body.

Her morning ritual includes mixing citrus fruits with wheatgrass or green powder in a blender, which sounds about as good as you’d think. But the sour drink pays off. Other than that, it’s all organic, all the time. Gardenoholics, this diet’s for you.

Adriana Lima

Victoria's Secret

Photo courtesy of @adrianalima on Instagram

Since 2000, this Brazilian Angel has been gracing the Victoria’s Secret pages and gracing our feeds with smizes to envy (that’s model slang for smiling with your eyes, thanks to Tyra Banks). A mother of two, Lima also keeps a minimalist diet. Egg whites and Muesli in the morning, grilled vegetables and fiber-filled protein mid-day, and dinner that consists of a simple salad. Eating a smaller dinner is known to make sleeping easier as well as mornings more refreshing, which Adriana considers a necessity.

Candice Swanepoel

Victoria's Secret

Photo courtesy of @angelcandices on Instagram

With exotic destinations as the backdrop for most of this model’s feed, it’s no wonder she has to rely on more than just a fast metabolism. Swanepoel’s daily food regime is the most simplistic. Keen on not cutting anything out, she counts on clean, quality food. No junk food allowed, with everything else as fair game. As Candice puts it, the more good you put in your body, the less you’ll crave the bad.

Behati Prinsloo

Victoria's Secret

Photo courtesy of @behatiprinsloo on Instagram

Adam Levine’s “cool girl” wife is as boss on the runway as she is off. She’s unfiltered on Instagram and in real life. Not that I know personally, but just take a look at any of her interviews and you’ll see the epitome of chilled out. Her diet? Nothing extreme, just fresh goods and lots of Japanese tea. Something you’ll never hear her rave about? Juice cleanses. Finally, a celebrity who’s outspoken about the dangers and straight-up about the side effects. And the best part is she loves a good margarita. Cheers to you, Behati.