If you’re a fan of the Olympics and a proud Boilermaker, you probably know that Purdue now has eight current or graduated students bound for Rio. One of them, regarded as one of the best (and most attractive) divers in the world, is David Boudia. As a graduate of Purdue, two-time Olympic medalist, and current diving partner to Purdue sophomore Steele Johnson, he’s practically a Purdue celebrity.

David recently revealed what he eats in a day in order to stay fit for competition. Following this meal plan may or may not get you an Olympian’s physique, but if it gives you a chance at abs like his, it couldn’t hurt to try.



Photo by Yonatan Soler

Start your day the David way with a smoothie made from frozen blueberries and strawberries, banana, spinach, powdered peanut butter, and coconut water. It’s his go-to because there’s no added fat from milk and it’s full of protein. Proportions are everything, so read up on the right way to make a green smoothie.



Photo By Marci Green

Meal two is all about nutrient variety. You can’t have gains if you don’t focus on all the food groups. Have some turkey slices, a little cheese, chips and salsa, and a cup of Greek yogurt. Make your own fresh salsa by following this recipe and figure out which brand of Greek yogurt you should be buying here.



Photo by Kim Buesser

Even Olympians have room in their diet for snacks. The trick is to eat small portions of filling foods. Dips are key, so munch on carrots and hummus or apples and peanut butter.



Photo by Alex Weiner

A well-rounded dinner is a must for anyone that’s working on staying fit and healthy. The menu should have a complex carb like polenta, a lean protein like chicken breasts, and a good-for-you-fat like avocado. Include a side of peaches for a healthy addition that’ll help curb your sweet tooth.



Photo by Alison Mally

While he doesn’t have dessert often, David says his treat of choice is a fresh plate of brownies. After eating so clean, any opportunity to indulge should be taken to the max. Make sure you have a recipe for ridiculously delectable slutty brownies on hand.



Photo courtesy of thedrinknation.com

Gonna be honest, David has not disclosed his drink of choice. But if he loves Purdue as much as every other student of the past and present, the gold rush is definitely up there for him. He’ll need the celebratory drink to commemorate his Purdue roots and the new piece of jewelry we hope he’ll be wearing when he comes home.