Here are my recommendations on how to eat healthy in quarantine! 

1. Don't Go To The Store Hungry 

When only going to the supermarket once a week or every few weeks, it's important to make sure we get everything we need when at the store. That being said, you will probably be on line for a very long time. Make sure you eat a good meal before going, otherwise you'll come home with all snacks, and junk food, and no essentials! 

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Sam Jesner

2. Meal Prep / Plan Out

What has helped me is planning out the recipes I'm going to make and on what days. If I know I'm making lasagna for dinner, I probably won't eat that bag of chips right before dinner and ruin my appetite (and feel gross). This also helps when shopping because I'll know exactly what to get rather than walking around the store aimlessly. This especially helps when it comes to the stores being out of certain things. I know not to center my recipes around eggs and bread!

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As the cook in my household, I've taken an old white board that we don't really use anymore and created a fun little menu so that my family knows what we will be eating throughout the week. It also helps me plan ahead when it comes to letting meat thaw and restricting my snack intake!

3. Snacks!!

We all snack when we're bored. So to stay healthy in quarantine, and make ourselves happy by snacking, make sure you pick up healthy snacks! Some of my favorites are grapes (or fruit of any kind), granola bars or granola, popcorn, and carrots with a dip.

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Jocelyn Hsu

4. Get a Good Balance of Healthy and Cheat Meals

Since you're probably going to the store way less than you normally do, make sure you get a good balance of healthy food and cheat meals. Maybe stock up on turkey burgers and lettuce for healthy dinners then splurge on your favorite chips to have the best of both worlds! It's okay to eat unhealthy food, just not all the time and not in huge portions! The best way to eat healthy in quarantine, in my opinion, is to stock up on more healthy foods at the store because then you'll have to eat them. Also be sure to get yourself some snacks, though! 

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Caroline Ingalls

5. Use This Time To Experiment With Recipes 

I have created a Pinterest board of recipes to experiment with over quarantine, and a lot of them are healthy alternatives! This is a great time to work on your cooking and baking so have fun with it! So far I've made carrot cake, croissants, baked potatoes, lemonade, chicken and pineapple quesadillas, and much more.

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Helena Lin

From the recipes I have been experimenting with, I recommend trying the following!

Banana Bread, especially if you have over ripe bananas lying around. If you don't like banana bread, peel those bananas and freeze them for smoothies!

Lasagna - I am a huge pasta person and a meat lasagna is a great way to spice up a traditional pasta meal!

Lemon Chicken - This was my favorite recipe that I've made so far, and I definitely recommend trying it! For just $6.50 for the chicken breasts and $2.50 for a bag of lemons, along with the other ingredients I already had at home, I was able to create a gourmet restaurant quality meal for my family, with leftovers to spare too!

Cat O'Connor

Lastly, stay positive and eat what makes you happy!

Whether it be trying to make homemade Cheeto mozzarella sticks or making a delicious fruit bowls, create and eat whatever makes you happy! This is a very difficult time right now, and if eating a whole bowl of popcorn by yourself while watching a movie is what will make you feel better - go for it!

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Luna Zhang