Let’s be real, I am not a morning person. The only thing to get me through my mornings is the large cup of coffee I throw down during my 9 am. I load that sh*t up with so much sugar and creamer you barely even taste the coffee. Healthy right? Not at all.

I end almost everyday regretting my calorie heavy drink, but I just can't give up my morning pick-me-up. In a desperate attempt to try to cut calories out of my morning beverage, I found myself surprisingly pleased at some new ways to dress up my coffee. 

1. Almond Milk

This option is my new personal favorite. Silk and Almond Breeze are two great brands that sell a variety of almond milk flavors. There are sweetened and unsweetened options that range from 40-100 calories. I recommend Almond Breeze’s Reduced Sugar Vanilla and Almond Breeze’s Almondmilk Coconutmilk blend...so good:) 

2. Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

Add a tablespoon or two of this to your coffee for a chocolatey taste. I swear this will remind you of a Dunkaccino. If you can't go without milk/cream, add an unsweetened, original almond milk or soy milk. 

3. Cinnamon

You can either add a stick of cinnamon to your cup of coffee, or cinnamon powder to your coffee grinds for a spicy taste. I now add cinnamon to all my Starbucks orders. Cinnamon is the GOAT spice because some of it's numerous health benefits include cutting the risk of heart disease, lowering blood sugar levels, helping to fight bacterial infections, and it's filled with antioxidants.

4. Vanilla Extract

If you are really looking to cut sugar out of your coffee, add a teaspoon or two of vanilla extract to your cup. The smell can be better than the taste, so less is more!

5. Unsweetened Maple syrup

Who wouldn't want their coffee to taste like a pancake?! Well, not exactly, but it's pretty close. Unsweetened maple syrup is a great natural, low sugar sweetener that will make your coffee tasting like you got it from a cabin in VT. Full of antioxidants, and high levels of zinc which aid to a healthier heart and maintaining male reproductive health, you might as well take a swig of this stuff once a week. 

6. Salt

Trust me, this is not weird. Adding salt to a food or drink brings out the natural flavors of the item. For something a little sweeter, add a reduced amount of any of the sweetener options above. 

I know these aren't the fixings you are used to, but I promise you won't be disappointed. You might even try requesting some of these additions during your next venture to Starbs.