What is every college student's favorite notification (other than the class cancelled email)? Answer: the email that you have a package waiting for you in the mail room. There is no better feeling than getting a surprise package in the mail room filled with delectable goodies. While getting care packages is great, life is busy and while Pinterest care packages are elaborate and beautiful, they're also time consuming. There is a simple solution to this problem, though, nationwide shipping. More and more places are now offering nationwide shipping, and it makes sending edible care packages effortless. Here are six places that will make sending an edible care package painless:

1. Wicked Good Cupcakes

Wicked Good Cupcakes was started by a mother-daughter duo in 2010 out of Cohasset, Massachusetts. The company really started to take off after their appearance on the TV show "Shark Tank" and their deal with shark Kevin O'Leary. Since then, their company has continued to grow, specializing on their jarred baked goods boxes for any occasion.

The first care package I received in college was a half dozen box of assorted flavors from Wicked Good. They were awesome because you do not need to refrigerate them (more room in the mini fridge for other goodies) or you can freeze them for up to six months. The packages come fully equip for enjoying with plastic spoons, and being in a mason jar makes them virtually mess-less. 

If you just cannot wait to get a taste of these cupcakes, you can also visit them in person in Quincy Market at Faneuil Hall in Boston, MA! 

2. Insomnia Cookies

Insomnia Cookies came out of a dorm room at University of Pennsylvania by a student very in tune with the appeal of warm cookies for those late night study sessions. There are more than 100 locations nationwide that deliver, but Insomnia also has nationwide shipping that makes sending delicious cookies to your college student even easier.

Insomnia offers 12, 18, or 24 count cookie boxes that ship nationwide on the same day you order them (if you order before 3pm). Shipping a dozen cookies is only $26! Insomnia also offers 12 or 18 count vegan/gluten free cookie box options for any dietary needs. Get a box of these in the mail and mix it with a pint of Ben and Jerry's from On the Fly for the perfect study companion. 

3. Mdoughw

Mdoughw is based out of Miami, Florida and specializes in their "Doughie". These doughies are a cookie cup filled with all kinds of different goodies including brownies, cookies, creams, you name it. Mdoughw is only a year old and already has notice from Food Network, and Cosmopolitan among other big name stores and publishings. Their nationwide shipping allows you to send doughies, mini doughies, and even kits to make your own, all perfect bite sized treats for late night study sessions!

Mdoughw offers all kinds of different options to be sent to your college student. There are doughie jars, doughies, and do-it-yourself kits. Sending mdoughw is great because they are bite sized delectables, and who doesn't love some straight cookie dough!? 

4. Cookie DO

New York City's favorite cookie dough bar, Cookie DO was started because of a love to eat straight unbaked cookie dough. After the owner then found out that she had a gluten intolerance she began a mission to continue to eat her highly gluten-filled favorites without the gluten, and Cookie DO was created. Cookie DO offers multi-flavored packages of their best selling flavors, or you can choose your own flavors to delivered straight to your dorm.

Birthday celebration, breakup, holiday season, or no reason at all, no one will complain about getting cookie dough sent to them. You can choose your own flavor pack will all of your favorites (twelve different options), or you can get the best sellers. They also offer special holiday packs, or birthday packs. 

5. Dylan's Candy Bar

Another New York favorite, Dylan's Candy Bar was created in 2001 as a modern day Willy Wanka factory. Dylan's has a plethora of different gift baskets and buckets filled with childhood favorite candies for any occasion. These gift baskets are filed to the brim with all your favorite candies from childhood and there are different kinds of themes to the baskets as well. Dylan's also offers the option to create personalized treats (as pictured) to send for special occasions or just because.

6. Baked By Melissa

Famous for their tie dye cupcake, Baked by Melissa was started by a brother-sister team. Baked by Melissa sells fun sizes cupcakes with king sized flavors like s'mores, sugar cookie, or ice cream sundae to name a few. But it gets better, they also have macaroons. The double stuffed macaroons, like the cupcakes, are small but packed with fun flavors. If that is not enough to convince you, Baked by Melissa also offers both gluten and nut-free products. 

Baked by Melissa is another awesome bite-sized option, and a 25 pack of cupcakes is $25 (50 pack for $50). If you really want to make your college student happy, Baked by Melissa has a "Coffee Break" pack that includes a tray of cupcakes and a box of Keurig K-cups. Baked by Melissa has cupcakes and macaroons for every occasion is adorably packaged boxes and seasonal flavors that will make your student smile. 

With the holiday season and finals fast approaching, it is the perfect time to send your college student some much needed motivation and sustenance for the many looming hours in the library. There is nothing better than coming back to your room and having a sweet treat waiting for you after a long day of studying and writing essays!