Stocking your fridge for the first time can be one of the most exciting ways to kickoff a new semester or apartment. Everything is organized perfectly, the shelves are squeaky clean, and you remember exactly when you bought everything. Fast forward a few months and now bits of food are crusted onto the shelves, your roommate has put her stuff on the wrong shelf, and something in there smells pretty ripe.

If this sounds like your fridge, it may be time to take everything off the shelves and clean it. If you don’t know how to clean a fridge, don’t sweat it. It takes a very little time to scrub everything thoroughly, but it’s really easy to do. Below, I’ve explained how to clean a fridge along with items you already have in your kitchen. The entire process should only take you 20-30 minutes, and you’ll be so happy you finally cleaned your nasty fridge.

What you'll need:

Alexis Grace

-2-3 drops liquid dish soup

-1 teaspoon baking soda

-1 cup water

-Apple cider vinegar

-Paper towels

Step 1

Remove all items from the refrigerator, including any condiments and drinks you have stored in the door. 

Step 2

Alexis Grace

Mix the dish soap, baking soda, and water in a bowl. The dish soap works to disinfect your fridge, while the baking soda helps remove tough stains. 

Step 3 

Alexis Grace

Dampen the paper towel in the mixture and wipe on all surfaces of your fridge. It's okay if a soapy residue is left behind, you'll wipe that off in a minute. 

Step 4

Alexis Grace

First wipe the shelves down with apple cider vinegar to remove any leftover soap residue. Then remove the drawers and repeat this process. Apple cider vinegar is acidic enough that it kills bacteria and keeps your fridge from stinking.

#SpoonTip: White vinegar can be used in place of apple cider vinegar. 

I know cleaning your fridge is kind of a pain, but repeating this process every 3-4 months will keep bad smells at bay. To deep cleaning your fridge easier, do your best to consistently wipe down the shelves and drawers as you put away new groceries each week. And remember to throw out old food, drinks, and condiments you don't want anymore.