Food has taken social media by storm. Photos and recipe videos, shares of innovative food ideas have swept the internet. Yo. What's up snitches. I'm Maria Serghiou, but my food identity is Foodie M (@foodie__m). 

Ever since middle school, I've always loved watching cooking shows (Gordon Ramsay is ma boi). I decided to take my passion for food through media advertising and created a platform on Instagram and YouTube to share my niche as my own personality.  

Maria Serghiou

Social media exists to your advantage these days, so don't be afraid to use it. Here are some tips and tricks on how I've run my food empire. 

1. Do you. 

Maria Serghiou

Seriously. Don't try to copy other personalities or pages for followers. Be your genuine self; say things that come to your mind and be unique as your own personality, because its yours. No one else is you, so just own it.

You could be the king, but watch da queen conquer. 

2. Don't worry about followers and popularity for success.

Maria Serghiou

I'm not gonna lie, it would be awesome to be Insta food famous (shoutout to everyone who is). It ain't easy making it big on the internet, so don't worry about your following.

I only have a little over 1,300 followers, and I've scored an internship with Hungry Twins (@hungrytwins) and have been recognized by Skyler Bouchard (@nycdining) by recreating a recipe of hers. Like I said, be you and put your own spin on your food empire. People will like you for that. 

3. Focus, lighting and placement is key.

sweet, tea, syrup, pancake, pastry, honey
Maria Serghiou

They don't want you to have a focused, well lit and perfectly placed food photo. DJ Khaled only wants the best for you. Take advantage of technology; make sure to focus your fancy camera (or smartphone camera) on your dish, take a seat by a window so your photo can be hella lit and grab a colored napkin, placemat or beverage to help make your food pop. Make the image something to drool over.

Look at these pancake dippers. There's a lil strip of bacon in there. We da best music. 

4. Enjoy yourself; appreciate the experience and content that you collect. 

Maria Serghiou

There is nothing more exciting than ordering a new dish at a restaurant that you've never tried before while impatiently waiting for the waiter to slide it down in front of you as you down bread and butter with absolutely no chill.

Enjoy flavor combos and delicious dishes that leave ya speechless and share your photos proudly with the world via social media as your own personality. You get what ya desire, it's yo empire. Get out there, home slice.