First things first, and that's coffee!

To ensure I have enough energy throughout the day, I set up my mini Keurig the night before. This way I really don't have an excuse not to make my coffee AND this keeps me from spending my entire paycheck on Starbucks! I love using reusable coffee cups or tumblrs and then I can reuse it for water throughout the day.

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Arpitha Shenoy

Invest in meal subscriptions!

I've tried them all and my absolute favorite is Hello Fresh. It's great because you can pick your delivery day and a lot of the recipes are super healthy, so I've been able to work on eating more vegetarian meals! I love Hello Fresh because the recipes are delicious, the produce is always fresh and best of all, most recipes take around 30 minutes to make, which is perfect for someone who is always on the run! 

Some of the delicious meals I've made include Teriyaki Beef & Broccoli, Salsa Verde Enchiladas and Southwest Stuffed Zucchini Boats. The possibilities are truly endless!

Cat O'Connor

Try Snacks and Mini Meals

In addition to Hello Fresh, because the meals can add up quick and I don't always have the time to sit down for a hot meal, I plan ahead on any recipes and snacks before going to the grocery store. When you go shopping with a plan, it's a lot easier to budget and walk out feeling accomplished. 

I have found that for days when I have work and class back to back, it's easiest for me to pack a few small snacks like a fruit container or cheese and crackers. This way I can discreetly snack in class and get the sustenance I need without the hassle of trying to eat a salad or sandwich.  Some researchers have found that eating smaller meals throughout the day is better for you too!

Additionally, if you live in a dorm and don't have access to a kitchen, planning small snack-like meals is definitely a game changer! A meal prep doesn't need to be anything crazy and complex. It can be as simple as setting aside a few clementines to throw in your bag or preparing some PB & J's! 

A few of my favorite healthy and substantial snack/mini meals are cheese and crackers, fruit combos like blueberries and raspberries or an apple and peanut butter, cold cuts like ham or turkey, pretzels, or carrots, etc. I've found that having a few granola bars of different brands and flavors has truly been a lifesaver for me. There are countless options, so experiment and find what works best for you.

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Jocelyn Hsu

Drink up! 

Lastly, water. It is SO important to make sure that you are hydrated, especially if you are running around all day. That being said, it can be hard to time filling up your water bottle and bathroom breaks when you're as busy as me. I have found that if I start the day with a filled water bottle, I'm more likely to drink water throughout the day. Additionally, I've found that if I drink a cup of water while I get ready for the day, I overall feel better throughout the day!