What could be better than watching Hocus Pocus on a spooky October night? Well, everything is better with cupcakes. And although the tale of the Sanderson sisters may be “just a bunch of hocus pocus”, these cupcakes certainly are not. The best part: they are wickedly simple to make.

With just one box of white cake mix, a container of white frosting and some magical embellishments, you can easily whip up a trio of cupcakes that resemble Winifred, Sarah and Mary Sanderson. So, gather your friends for a Hocus Pocus movie night because, sisters, it’s time to make some cupcakes.

Start by preparing the white cake mix according to the package instructions. To make the batter, you will first need eggs, water and vegetable oil.

Jessica O'Connell

Prepare your pan with some spooky cupcake liners and pour in your batter until each liner is about 3/4 full. Follow the package directions for baking the cupcakes.

Once your cupcakes are baked and cooled, coat the top of each one with white frosting. Divide your frosted cupcakes into 3 separate batches and your ready to make some magic.

#SpoonTip: Empty your store-bought frosting into a microwave safe bowl and heat it for about 10 seconds until it's slightly melted. Then dip the top of each cupcake into the melted frosting, allow time for each one to cool and you’ll have perfectly frosted cupcakes before you can say "Hocus Pocus".

Winifred's Bursting Berry Cupcake

Jessica O'Connell

As the leader of this witchy trio, Winifred is bold, dramatic and absolutely evil. Blending in is not her strength. Similarly, this Bursting Berry Cupcake demands your attention with just one taste. 

Instead of ordinary sprinkles, this cupcake is garnished with green and orange Pop Rocks that will be shock at first bite. A topping of sliced strawberries ties the look together, mimicking Winifred's characteristic red hair.

Sarah's Sweet Black Licorice Cupcake

Jessica O'Connell

Sarah is flirtatious, playful and a bit of an airhead. But don’t be fooled, this witch has a dark side. And just like this Sweet Black Licorice Cupcake, Sarah knows how to lure you in.

This cupcake displays an abundance of sprinkles, perfectly suited for a sugar-coated witch. Yet, the real star here is the hypnotic black licorice spiral on top. It draws you in with curiosity and leaves a pungent taste in your mouth. 

Mary's Red Hot Cinnamon Cupcake

Jessica O'Connell

From her crooked grin to her twisted hair, there's something a little off about Mary Sanderson. Her evil appearance and clever mind are personified in this Red Hot Cinnamon Cupcake.

Mary's diabolic side is on full display with a garnish of cinnamon and Red Hots that will easily set your mouth on fire. To capture the unique appearance of her hair, this cupcake is topped with a dark chocolate Hershey's kiss.

The Sanderson sisters are far from ordinary, just like these cupcakes. So, don't just settle for an ordinary movie night. Turn on Hocus Pocus, make some wicked cupcakes and trick or treat yo self.