The guava is a fruit originally from Latin America and the Caribbean that later spread to America and the rest of the world as early as the 1800s. Also known as guayaba, this fruit has earned a reputation for being messy to eat. It's not impossible to enjoy guava without making a complete mess. Here's how to eat guava the correct way, plus a few health benefits that will convince you to try this fruit.

Guava's Health Benefits

Guavas are not only the perfect fruit to quench your thirst, but they're also extremely healthy. They are a huge source of Vitamin C (even more than oranges), and they've been known to have a low glycemic index and to help prevent diabetes. 

Guava also helps lower the levels of triglycerides and bad cholesterol, while increasing the levels of good cholesterol. They are also a good source of Vitamin A, folic acid, magnesium, and iron, among a lot of other vitamins and minerals. 

If the taste of a combination of pears and strawberries is something you like, and the taste of pulp is something you don't mind, there's no reason not to include guava in your diet.

How to Eat Guava

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Lissane Kafie

First, you have to focus on picking the right guava. The right guava should be blemish-free, have a light yellowish-green color, and are soft when touched. 

To eat your guava, begin by cutting it in half. Then cut the halves into thinner slices. You're free to eat the entire slices with the rind or not, it's up to you. If you're looking for a better way to eat guava, you can dip the slices in different sauces — feel free to mix it up with either a sweet or salty condiments

Guavas are amazing snacks. If you're looking for a healthy snack, a guava is your perfect solution. Best part of it? They are only 38 calories each. Now that you know how to eat guava, what are you waiting for?