It's mid-day. You've already had lunch, your second cup of coffee, and are waiting for dinner time. The craving hits. You try to ignore it but it overwhelms you. It engulfs your thoughts until you can't take it anymore! You. Need. Chocolate. But what chocolate shall you have? It needs to be satisfying. It needs to be healthy chocolate. You don't want to break your diet. Well, don't fret, I've got you covered.

Lily's Sweets

@TheActiveElena (Shana de Urioste)

Lily's Sweets paleo, dark and healthy chocolate has always been my go-to. It is sweetened with stevia, so there is practically no sugar in each bar. On top of that, it doesn't give me a sugar rush and it's delicious. They come in many different flavors, some vegan, all gluten-free, so there is something for everyone.

Endangered Species

I love Endangered Species because they use such pure ingredients to make up their chocolate bars. They also give 10% of their products to helping (yep, you guessed it!) endangered species.

@TheActiveElena (Shana de Urioste)

So you're getting a delicious dessert and helping the environment? It's a win-win for everyone. They even come in many different flavors, so the variety won't get you bored.

@TheActiveElena (Shana de Urioste)

I also put a couple squares on my pancakes in the morning to...err... help the environment...

Taza Chocolate

Taza Chocolate has so many fun flavors made out of cane sugar and stone-ground cocoa. These delicious flavors of chocolate are pure and perfect for any craving.

@TheActiveElena (Shana de Urioste)

They also have circular chocolate rounds that can melt in hot water or milk to make HOT CHOCOLATE. Easy. Simple. Delicious. 

@TheActiveElena (Shana de Urioste)

I wish I could describe how badly I want this chocolate-covered hazelnut right now. Staring at this picture isn't helping...

Taza Chocolate also makes chocolate covered hazelnuts, cashews, and almonds. I cannot express how good these chocolate-covered nuts taste. Like healthy Nutella, but in a portable way. Because it's nuts, this fuels my day, and so I count it as a "healthy" mid-day snack.

Healthy Fudge Recipe:

Taza kindly sent me an abundance of their chocolate, so I decided to make a healthy Christmas fudge recipe. I used Taza chocolate and Nuttzo's nut butter to create this delicious.

For the full YouTube video, click HERE.

I brought this fudge to our Spoon University Friendsgiving, and, even though it was healthy, everyone gobbled them down. 


JoJo's chocolate is perfect because it is crafted just for your mid-day and late-night chocolate cravings. It is amazingly satisfying! I love the peanut butter and chocolate bark flavors.

@TheActiveElena (Shana de Urioste)

Each bar has low sugar and added hemp protein. Because of the added nutrition, it fuels my day too. So this can be your dessert or your modified protein bar ;)

Rich Healthy Chocolate Cupcake Recipe

I brought these cupcakes to my running club pre-race meeting and everyone gobbled them down. They are paleo, gluten free, healthy, moist, chocolatey, and delicious... what could go wrong? They even have a healthy frosting made out of dates. For the recipe, click HERE. 

Chocolate, oh chocolate, a forever best friend. Satisfying that sweet-tooth is sometimes a challenge, but these healthy and fulfilling brands and recipes make it easy.