Why Chives?

Chives grow easily, are perennial and smell lovely. As a kid growing up in Malaysia, I experienced chives more often as its own vegetable dish instead of a garnish. That's because chives are already worthy enough to be the star of any good dish. 

Which Chives To Use

The chives I am talking about are Chinese Chives (aka Asian Chives aka Garlic Chives). Asian supermarkets may label them as gau choy/kow chai.

Preparing chives is a no-brainer. You'll find several Chinese-style stir-fry recipes online. But I'm choosing the simpler route because all I want to show you is that chives can be enjoyed as a legit vegetable dish.

One could add in prawns or stir fried beef to the chives. In such a case, you'd have a well-balanced dish. But since my aim here is simple, so is my garlic chive dish (no additional meat here).

Ingredients You'll Need:

Red Chili Slices

Garlic Cloves

Soy & Fish Sauce Mixture (could use oyster sauce to replace fish sauce) 

Brown Sugar (optional)



The Simple Guide: How to Prepare Chives

Step One: 

Iffah Jasni

The first step is to cut off the inedible bottom end of the chives. You can actually cut the ends of the whole stalk of chives together in a slight back and forth motion.

Step Two:
Iffah Jasni

Then, wash them

Step Three: 

Iffah Jasni

Heat a little bit of oil in a pan or wok and when the oil is hot, throw in the garlic cloves and red chili.

Step Four:

Iffah Jasni

Once these turn brown, it's the garlic chives' turn to go inside. Do not overcook - around 1 minute should be fine. Towards the end of the one minute, pour in the sauce mixture that had been made earlier. Let the dark sauce simmer a little as the chives wait at the side

That's it! 

Iffah Jasni

Serve with rice. 

Iffah Jasni

Or on rice?

Iffah Jasni