There are few people more egg-static for the holidays than content creator Hannah Hart.

The creator of the YouTube cooking show My Drunk Kitchen has been celebrating the holidays online every year since starting her channel in 2011, whether by putting a spin on a classic dish or collaborating with other creators, all with a glass in her hand.

These are some of the best tips the witty and tipsy chef has to offer to get everyone in the Christmas spirit (alcoholic spirit optional, but always encouraged).

1. Get creative (or accommodating) with the classics

Don't have a specific ingredient? Market closed early? You don't want to leave your home? Relatives coming in thirty minutes and half of the ingredients for your grandmother's stuffing recipe missing from your pantry? Get creative.

Either be courageous and take ingredients that usually don't scream "holidays" and use them to make an updated classic (oyster stuffing anyone?) or take ingredients and spin them in a way that makes them new.

Spice up your holiday meal with some of Hannah's recipes from her channel, or create some fun and unique cookies using some ideas from here.

2. Decorations are key

No festive home is set without some decoration, case-in-point Hart's kitchen, which is usually decorated according to the upcoming holiday.

Anywhere, from the local dollar store to online DIYs, can offer plenty of examples of ways to spruce up your home. So go ahead and impress that slightly drunk cousin twice-removed or something with your festive decorations.

3. Pour yourself a glass

No My Drunk Kitchen is complete without some booze, and Hart's holiday videos are no exception. True to her show, Hart pours one up throughout her videos, showing that no time calls for alcohol quite like the stressful holiday season.

Remember, a glass of whatever calms whatever, so start off your holiday hangover with some of these holiday-themed cocktails, or get started with a drinking game.

4. Get the look

Your home may look the part, but honestly you're not festive enough unless you don't have to open your mouth for others to know that Christmas is your favorite holiday (or just have your hair done really nicely).

Take some inspiration from Hart, who has released her own videos and also collaborated with others to make some cute DIYs perfect for the upcoming season, from cozy sweaters to festive hairstyles.

5. Reflect

Despite all the fancy trappings the holiday season comes with, the true meaning of Christmas really is found through gratitude, joy, and community.

Hart is known for incorporating morals within her episode, sometimes dubious but often profound, and her holiday videos are full of relatable topics to think about during this festive time of year, such as practicing more compassion while making pimento cheese squares.

It's those kinds of thoughts that will ultimate guide you through all of the possibly uncomfortable family meals you'll be partaking in this holiday season (besides that glass of cheap chardonnay mercifully on the table).

One last reminder this holiday season:

Happy holidays, from one (drunk) kitchen/dorm room/apartment/sofa to another!