Halloween weekend isn’t over. From mysterious martinis to Halloween-themed jello shots, this guide is here to help you plan the perfect party drink menu.

Jello Shots:

Got a sweet tooth? Imagine Jell-O shots with candy in them – heaven. Make some of these tasty treats by draping gummy worms over the edge of each shot before pouring in orange jello. Even better, take lemon flavored-Jell-O and top each shot with a dash of whip cream and candy corn pieces. You can thank us later.

Photo by Rachel Ferreira

Creepy Cocktails:

If freaking out over your costume took up all your time, you can still  frighten your guests by  adding gummy eyeballs into each glass of alcohol of your choice. On the other hand, if you made a 2-second carrot costume, dedicate yourself to making something fancy like these pumpkin martinis.

Photo by Rachel Ferreira

Bloody Drinks:

If you’re into the gory side of Halloween, make a drink that’ll taste better than it looks. Using vodka, fruit punch and frozen strawberry lemonade, make a cooler full of dragon’s blood, or combine cheap red wine with grape juice and scabs (aka Craisins) for blood-hued sangria. No drink fits this holiday more than the Bloody Mary itself, so add tomato juice, vodka, hot sauce and celery to this week’s grocery list.

Photo by Rachel Ferreira