Crumbly cheese, soft cheese, hard cheese, stinky cheese…there are a ton of cheeses out there. If – while you’re snacking on your late night cheesy bread – you have ever found yourself wondering about your favorite dairy product, look no further:

Feta Cheese

It’s not surprising that feta cheese comes from Greece, since when crumbled into an omelet or onto a salad this cheese is godly. Feta is a crumbly, aged cheese with a grainy texture that makes it great for savory pastries. Not to be confused with blue cheese or pure goat cheese, feta cheese is tangy and salty (and delicious).

Parmesan Cheese

The best part of eating Italian food is putting as much Parmesan cheese as possible on top, right? Parmesan is an extra-hard cheese made from cow’s milk and can usually be found grated. Try also pairing Parmesan with spiced nuts and cured meats, with a fruity glass of wine.

Cheddar Cheese

It’s actually impossible to think of a time and a place that isn’t well-suited for some cheddar cheese. Native to England, this delectable cheese is great shredded over Mexican dishes, with crackers, or in grilled cheeses. The more aged a block of cheddar is, the “sharper” is becomes. The smooth texture also makes cheddar cheese great for soup, dip, or as a warm sauce to ooze over veggies.

Brie Cheese

This creamy, rich, and elegant cheese originated in France, and is considered a “soft” cheese. Try it baked or room temperature and serve with green apples, apricots, pears or crackers. Top things off with a cool glass of champagne or a delicate red wine.