This past fall semester was Spoon University’s first at FAU — but we’re just getting started.

We’ve seen you on the Breezeway, we’ve handed you free snacks and gift cards, we’ve indulged in food porn on Instagram together, and we’ve even sipped on a new beer shot — the “Little Spoon” at our launch party held at The Burrow.

But Spoon University FAU isn’t the school’s only publication. The school’s University Press, known as the UP, has been running since 1998. It’s a glossy, bi-weekly magazine that covers the school as a whole. Last year, they did a food issue — the Gourmet Guide to FAU.

But now, with a publication on campus completely devoted to food, we wanted to do better.

So we teamed up with the UP to bring you this special collaborative issue. The print form is available in bins across campus until January.

But if you’re done with finals and not near a news stand anymore, we’ve got you covered: