By now everyone has heard of the Chipotle quesarito, and secret menus aren’t all that secret anymore. But did you know there are still a few fast food hacks left for you to try? These tips will help you get the most bang for your buck at any fast food restaurant.

1. Order a McDouble dressed like a Big Mac

If they’re confused just tell them you want a McDouble without the ketchup and mustard, instead ask for lettuce and the Big Mac sauce. Serious Eats calls it the Poor Man’s Big Mac.

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Photo by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt

2. Customize your Burger King to ensure freshness

Any customization, even just extra pickles, will ensure that your sandwich is fresh. Otherwise, you’re taking the gamble that your food is hours old. This hack will probably be useful at many other fast food restaurants but BK is famous for its “Have It Your Way” policy (although they just changed it to “Be Your Way”).

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Photo courtesy of Burger King

3. Order a Venti water at Starbucks for free

It’s free, whereas a bottled water is about $2 or more. While restaurants aren’t required to provide free water, it is required to have clean water for sanitation and meal preparation. If you ask nicely most Starbucks will provide this.


Photo by Lindsay Law

4. Ask for half portions of any 2 meats at Chipotle to get more meat

When you ask for half and half, most of the time they will give you a ¾ portion of each protein, giving you significantly more meat in your burrito. They’ll charge you for the more expensive meat, but you get more variety and more meat in your order for not much extra cost. Chicken and steak = delicious.

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5. Order 2 Arby’s Junior Roast Beef Sandwiches instead of a Classic Roast Beef 

At $1 each, it’s actually cheaper to get two of these than a Classic Roast Beef ($3.19) and it’s the same quality food.

Photo courtesy of Arby’s

6. Order Steak N’ Shake’s Double N’ Cheese Steakburger instead of the Frisco Melt

Any fans of Steak N’ Shake’s Frisco Melt will know it’s one of its most expensive sandwiches. Try this instead: order a plain Double ‘n Cheese Steakburger with sourdough bread, swiss cheese, and frisco sauce. It’s literally the same thing for less $$.

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Photo courtesy of Steak N’ Shake

7. Order double steak and cheese at Subway instead of the Philly Cheese Steak Sub

If you like Subway’s Philly Cheese Steak sub but want it at the normal foot-long price, just order a regular sandwich with double steak and cheese.

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Photo courtesy of Subway

8. Customize your order at Jamba Juice for no extra cost

This place already has some really tasty options but did you know you can customize any of its drinks? It’s actually a rule that employees have to substitute any ingredient if a customer asks for it. Want a Caribbean Passion Smoothie but aren’t feeling the orange sherbet today? Ask for the nonfat frozen yogurt instead, or the pineapple sherbet.

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Photo courtesy of Jamba Juice

9. Be nice!

You’d be surprised at how being nice to a fast food worker can pay off. If you’re a jerk, any service worker is going to be tempted to screw you over. When trying any of these hacks do like your mom taught you: smile and be polite. You’ll see, they’re way more likely to be accommodating, and maybe get you some extra fresh fries.

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