EatStreet is a new food delivery app that has revolutionized food delivery service with the simple click of a button. I have always been slightly skeptical of food delivery apps. Why do I need a middle man to place a food order for me when I can do it over the phone? But EatStreet blew away all my expectations. With EatStreet, I have ordered sushi, pizza, a burger and more all from the comfort of my own home. And the best part is, the app is super easy to use and efficient.


Photo Courtesy of EatStreet

The process is simple: enter the address of your location and click “Find.” The next thing you know, a whole selection of menus from restaurants in your area will pop up for you to choose from and place your order. When I entered my address, EatStreet generated a whomping 227 search results, including some of Georgetown’s most beloved dining options as well as restaurants I had never heard of before! To help you parse through the restaurants that deliver to Georgetown’s campus, Spoon has compiled this official EatStreet guide.

Local Bites:

Yes, sometimes walking to M Street or Wisconsin is far. The EatStreet app can help, though, by bringing some of your favorite Georgetown menus and more right to your door: Wingo’sEat and JoyBooeymongersLos Cuates and GTown Bites.

Breaking the Georgetown Bubble:

Chix: Rated by the Washingtonian as a top “Cheap Eats” dining venue in 2008, Chix is a fast-casual dining experience that offers an array of latin-inspired dishes at an affordable price. Be sure to try the Peruvian chicken with sweet potatoes or for a lighter meal the vegetarian lentil soup. This U Street gem also stands among the rest for its commitment to social responsibility–all foods are locally sourced and the restaurant uses only earth-friendly materials in its packaging and paper products.
Price Range: Under $10
Min. Delivery Amount: $20.00
Delivery Cost: $2.00

Silver Diner: If you are from the NY/ NJ area like me, then you know that a classic diner can satisfy the biggest of food cravings. Silver diner stands among the few truly great diners in the area. Located just 2 miles from Georgetown’s campus, Silver Diner can deliver right to your dorm room classic American diner food through the EatStreet app, including omelettes, sandwiches and milkshakes. Silver Diner is also known for offering healthier options for those who want to enjoy the flavors of diner foods without the calorie costs. Silver Diner is the ideal place to order from on Sunday morning hangovers when you are even too lazy to walk to Wisey’s.
Price: $11-$30
Min. Delivery: $15.00
Delivery Cost: $6.99 + 11% of Total

Fettoosh: Located in Arlington, VA, this restaurant serves up authentic Moroccan and Lebanese food. Popular dishes include the Fettoosh salad and the falafel appetizer with hummus, although according to the reviews of this restaurant, just about anything off their menu is worth trying. Because of its high minimum delivery amount, I recommend ordering from this restaurant if you want to spend the night in with some of your pals.
Price Range: $11 – $30
Min. Delivery Amount: $30.00
Delivery Cost: $6.99 + 11% of Total

To continue to improve your EatStreet experience, the app rolls out a bunch of discounts a special deals. EatStreet rewards users on every order with exclusive specials and coupons to local restaurants. The more you order on the app, the more coupons you earn. And if that isn’t enough, Spoon is also offering users exclusive deals. You can earn $3 off your first $10 order on the app, using this unlike code: FEED3U. The code is only valid through April 26th, so don’t miss out!