We all fell in love with Shailene Woodley in Fault In Our Stars, and watched her kick a** and become a role model in the Divergent series. She has become an actress on everyone’s radar, as she has been in numerous blockbuster hits. However, her food choices aren’t as popular, as she is unique in her eating habits.

shailene woodley

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Shailene Woodley is all about natural, organic foods. She avoids processed and junk foods at all cost. She isn’t only concerned about what she is consuming, but how it affects the environment. Thus, she sticks to clean foods to keep herself and the planet healthy. She grows a lot of her food herself, as she loves the process of planting something and watching it grow and become a part of the environment. She forages for 30% of her diet, eating wild foods.

For her, diet is not something she believes in. Losing weight has never been a goal for Shailene, she believes listening to her body and eating what her body wants her to eat. She believes in ridding her body of toxins and eating to keep her body healthy, but not for body image, it’s about what is inside that matters.

Morning Coffee

shailene woodley

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For Shailene, coffee is a must, but she has it a little differently than most do. She puts a little bit of coconut oil and butter in her coffee, called bulletproof coffee. Sometimes she also adds some cinnamon, and puts it all in a blender to get the consistency similar to a latte.

Fresh Fruits

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If there is a farmer’s market near by, you will find Shailene there buying fresh fruits and veggies. Her favorite are strawberries, pineapple, raspberries and grapefruit, believing they can easily satisfy your sweet tooth rather than reaching for a piece of cake for dessert.


shailene woodley

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While most of us snack on granola bars or hummus and veggies, Shailene likes to snack on seaweed. She never buys anything packaged and makes most of her meals or snacks herself. Check out how to make your own seaweed snack.


shailene woodley

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Yes, I said clay. Shailene actually eats clay. She says its great because clay actually works like a magnet and attracts the negative toxins in your body, attaching to the clay in your body and then released out of your body with the clay.

Main Meal

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Shailene is very much into fermentation. She says a great meal she would typically eat is fresh eggs, with unpasteurized sauerkraut and fresh vegetables. She ferments her food because it creates a lot of probiotics for the body. She has one fermented food with every meal, such as sauerkraut, or kimchee. Check out why you should also being eating more fermented foods like Shailene does.

Shailene eats all organic and tries to eat what is best for her body. However, she is constantly active which keeps her healthy as well. For her, yoga is a big part of her life, she practices it daily. She also is very into walking, running and stair climbing.

shailene woodley

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Walking is something Shailene loves, and she loves to walk to get her sources of food and water. She will walk into the mountains to get spring water, which is great for her because not only is she drinking fresh water, but she continuously working her legs by walking so much.

When she was filming The Divergent Series, Shailene did all her own stunts. In order to have a body which could accomplish the action packed moves of her character, Shailene trained. She did many workouts such as squats, pushups, lunges, chin-ups, dips and plyometrics for about 30 minutes a day.

For Shailene, her eating habits and her exercise are all about listening to her body and ridding herself of any negative energy or toxins which might reside in her. She believes in aiding to the environment with what she eats, and being one with the planet when she walks, which is why many times she will be barefoot. Shailene is all about nature and organic ways to consume food. It not only makes her healthier, but helps the planet too.