It’s here. The moment we’ve all been waiting for. A time when even professors accept our lame excuses for skipping class “because we’re sick” (guys, we’re not fooling anyone). The epic darties will commence and tipsy college students will take over Taco Bells everywhere.

Of course you’ve given thought to chaser and whose porch you’ll party on all night long, but what about when the dreaded drunchies hit? Will you be ready? Follow this guide to prepare yourselves. These guys are open late and friendly to the intoxicated. LITTLE 5 IS HERE. Let’s do this.

1. The Big Cheeze

So you’ve only made it to one place on Kirkwood so far and the drunchies have already kicked in. First of all, get it together. Second, how convenient that ooey-gooey delicousness is just outside. Go find this food truck staple and order a Mac Daddy. Stat. 

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2. Baked! of Bloomington

If a sweet tooth hits you and your friends, a Hotbox Special should do the trick. Try sugar cookies with oreos, sprinkles and pretzels, but SKIP ON THE MILK (Milk + Beer = a quick end to your night).

3. Pizza X

It would be a crime if you didn’t get at least one Little 500 Deal this week. This is the one week of the year when you could even get away with one a day and no one would stop you. Plus…RANCH.

4. Wings X-Treme

Protein is important if you expect to survive this week, so some wings should do the trick. It’s for your health, really.

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5. Mother Bear’s

Little 500 is classic. Mother Bear’s is also classic. So in order to really soak in the B-Town culture, why not mix the two. Try the white sauce on your pie and throw in some bacon and pineapple if you want to get extra crazy.

6. B-Town Diner

What tastes better in a drunken stupor than diner food? A burger or two should do it. But don’t forget about their amazing fries, served with three delicious sauces. Go ahead, get an entire basket to yourself. We don’t judge.

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7. Cresent Donut

This place is made for late-night adventures. They don’t get started until late anyway, so you’ll fit right in at 3 a.m. So whether you’re a jelly-filled kind of girl or a classic glazed kind of guy, they’ve got your back.

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8. Nick’s English Hut

If you’re there already Sinking the legendary Biz, order a bucket of fries while you play. Yes. A bucket. That should satisfy those drunchies. Plus, it’s a bucket of delicious fries. Win.

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P.S. While everyone loves a good taco and a Baja Blast every once in a while, don’t be that guy this week. STEP AWAY FROM THE TACO BELL. This is no regular week, so don’t go for regular food. Jump out of your comfort zone and really enjoy everything that Bloomington has to offer. Enjoy!

P.P.S. Drinking and driving is a no-no, so check out the Eat Street app for great food delivery deals!


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