We've all been there: it's the end of the night, the Union, the Vic, and the Lizard (we will always remember!) are closing and you know there is only one thing you need: drunchies. But before you drop some serious cash on Dervish or Empire, stop and remind yourself that sober you has already bought everything you need. Thanks sober you! Tesco has everything you drunk you could want and more.

1. Nugs, Nugs, Nugs

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Abigail Simmons

We all know that the best drunk food out there is are some Chicken Nuggets but why spend £4-£6 on them out when you can spend £1.50 on Tesco Nuggets or even as low as  72p for Everyday Value Nuggets.

#Spoontip You can also get DINOSAUR shaped turkey nugs for more protein. 

2. More Potato products than fried Chips. 


r.g-s on Flickr

Sure, chips are probably the the cheapest Drunchie out there but after you add all that cheese and sauce that cost can go up. All the chippies in town have the same chips but you can buy any chip your heart desires at Tesco. Sweet Potato: £2.29, Skinny Fries: £1.50, even MF Curly Fries: £1.50. But what about cheese you ask?



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Ever wonder how the cheese on your chips get so melted and stringy? Well its mozzarella. And you can buy an entire bag of shredded mozzarella for £2.00. 

4. Sauce

Chips and curry sauce.  Compulsory festival food.

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I love nothing more that nuggets, chips, and curry or gravy and I do agree that you can get the best from a chippy shop. But you can buy a jar of your own Everyday Value Curry Sauce for... wait for it... only 25p. And for gravy it would take a little bit more time but you can buy Beef, Chicken, or Veg instant gravy for only 70p.

#Spoontip Add your own garlic powder, salt, thyme, and sage to give it a real gravy taste  

5. And More


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And if fried food isn't your cup of tea you can buy literally any kind of drunchie you want, even a cup of tea! One of my fav drunk eats is some Pot Noodle (super easy clean up!) 

Now in case I haven't sold you yet: if you bought Tesco Nuggets, all the chips I've mentioned, the cheese, a jar of curry, and one of the instant gravy's it would cost you £8.44. For only £2 more than a Nuggets, Chips, and Curry from Dervish you can get multiple servings of your fav drunk eats.

TLDR: Think before you drink, buy some food from Tesco in advance and be safe about CWUI (cooking whilst under the influence) and your wallet will thank you in the long run. Your waistline and health on the other hand, that's a little more up in the air. Happy drunching.