As October comes into full swing, one of the biggest deadlines looms over all of us: picking out the perfect Halloween costume by the 31st. `While it might seem that the easiest choice is to just throw on some cat ears, get inspired and creative this year with these delicious Halloween food inspired costumes. 

1. Squad Up and Become a Fruit Salad

This costume is perfect for those who love fruity snacks and want to do a group costume with their friends. Simply, buy XL t-shirts and felt sheets with adhesive backing at your local craft store. Then trace and cut the seeds and details that pertain to the characteristics of your fruit. After, you put the adhesive details onto your t-shirts; add the final touch with a cool pair of shades for everyone in the group. The glasses will add a fun twist to the look, and also further add cohesion to the group costume

2. Fast, Fun, and French Fries

If eating health-consciounce is not your thing, do not worry because this costume might be perfect for you. Choose any of your favorite binge-worthy fast food chains and dress up as some yummy french fries. In the case above, find an XL t-shirt, adhesive felt sheets, headband, cardboard, and yellow paint. To make the french fry head band, cut the cardboard into strips and paint them yellow. Hot glue the yellow cardboard fries into your desired position then hot glue them directly on the head band. To make the rest of the outfit, cut the logo out of the felt adhesive and put it on the middle of the shirt.

3. It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

As a classic and delicious choice, obviously peanut butter and jelly needed to be on this list. Find your two best friends and make this super easy trio costume by first getting three XL t-shirts: one brown, one purple, and one black. On each shirt add and label each outfit as peanut butter, jelly, and time. Not only is this costume definitely made for DIY amateurs, but it will for sure have everyone singing the lyrics, "It's peanut butter jelly time!" all night long.

4. Kisses that Kill

If you are chocolate-obsessed, show off your sweet spirit with this sugary costume. To pull off this costume, all you need is a silver shirt and skirt, silver paper, markers, headband, and white ribbon. The hardest part of this costume is the headpiece, but with some patience and creativity it's not that bad. First, make a cone shape with the silver paper. Then, measure the white ribbon to your desired length. Cut small triangles at one end of the ribbon and write KISSES in capital letters on it. After putting the finishing touches on the ribbon, glue it to the top of the silver cone. Then glue the the cone to your headband. And there you have it, a costume that even Hershey himself would be proud of.

5. Spice It Up With some Sriracha

This Halloween food inspired costume is ideal for the person who carries hot sauce or Sriracha in their pocket to always had spice to their meals. To look fiery this season, just wear all red, print the Sriracha logo, and tape onto your shirt. If you want to live up to the saying trick or treat, carry around a Sriracha bottle and sneak some into your friends food and drinks all night long.

6. Holy Guacamole!

Anyone with a sense of humor will enjoy being the center of attention with this costume. Why be a food when you can be a pun, too? To achieve this hilarious costume, all you need is a green XL t-shirt, a printer, a halo, and tape. First, find a picture of an avocado to print out. An avocado emoji could work well, too. Print at least 10 avocados out and lay them out on the green shirt. Once, you decide the placement of the avocados tape them in place. After that just add the halo, and you are ready to go. All night long be sure to make memories that make you want to say, "Holy Guacamole!"

Any of these choices will definitely be sure to get everyone's attention this Halloween season. Don't be so basic and try out these Halloween food inspired costumes. Celebrate not only this spooky occasion, but also your favorite snacks!