Dorm room decorating is the ultimate opportunity to bring your Pinterest dream board to life. Pinning everything from cute picture frames to pretty pencils in the months leading up to school feels all too necessary, however, it's important not to get too caught up in the tangles of fairy lights and lulling effects of wall tapestry when creating your ideal space. 

It was only within the first weeks of my first year that I realized that my decorating pursuits had only served me on the Instagram-worthy front. My dorm soon felt over cluttered and too decorated to serve all its necessary functions — a bedroom, study space, eating area, and a party space all in one. Stopping to consider how the space would serve me turned out to be just as important a step as colour coordinating in my door-room decorating pursuits.

After focusing on all the ways I would use my room, while likewise ensuring it would be a comfortable, relaxing space above all, my dorm-room became a sanction that I looked forward to coming home to. 

I transformed this... 

Miranda McDonald
into this...
Miranda McDonald

Follow these 4 door-room decorating tips to create a dorm-room that is the ultimate, cozy, stress-free space. 

1. Section off the room to create comfortable spaces

Miranda McDonald

Too much open space can heighten the appearance of clutter and make it hard to relax. Take advantage of corner walls to create cozy nooks, or hang a curtain to section off the room and create your own private corner space. 

My roommate and I used a shower curtain strung across a wire from wall to wall, secured with 3M hooks.

Miranda McDonald

Throw and body pillows work great along corner walls to offer a warmer, more inviting space. 

2. Replace harsh lighting

Miranda McDonald

Relaxation can feel impossible when the lighting better resembles a dentist's office than a bedroom. Stop the light from dimming your relaxation style by making use of fairy lights, small lamps, and candles. If your residence prohibits open fame, try these flameless candles, which instead emit a smoke-free flicker.   

3. Relax in the company of vacation reminders 

Miranda McDonald

Whether it be vacation prints, beachy artwork, or plants to turn your bedroom into an oasis — see a list of low-maintenance, hassle-free plants here, these decorations will fulfill your visual aesthetic and likewise serve as a daydreaming escape from winter's harsh cold. 

4. Stock Up On Comfort Essentials

Miranda McDonald

The last step to creating the ultimate cozy space is to fill it with things that promote relaxation. Winter essentials, such as fuzzy socks, throw blankets, and a hot water bottle will warm up your study space, and make you wonder why you ever bothered with the library. Teas, such as, these 5 which will keep you healthy this winter, and aromatherapy sprays will make your dorm a relaxation sanction you'll never want to leave. 

Don't sacrifice your style for comfort — by choosing decorating ideas that also promotes relaxation will give you the best of both worlds, and make your dorm-room your favourite place to be.