It's no surprise that face masks are basically every millennial's favorite go-to form of skincare. Whether it comes in a gel, scrub, or sheet, it's no doubt that face masks have become the easiest and more refreshing way to clean your pores. But after awhile, the dollars you spend on the latest and greatest facial aids can really add up. I'd know because my favorite activity is buying skincare products, so let us save our dollars together. Take one quick walk around your kitchen pantry and I can promise you, you have some great household and kitchen ingredients that are perfect for your face.

C'mon, haven't you ever wondered where the saying, "You are what you eat" came from? Well, it comes from my saying, "You are what you slather on your face!". Okay, not really, but we shall pretend while we take a look at the best everyday ingredients that make amazing skincare solutions:

Do Cucumbers Really Do Anything?

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Julia Gilman

Cucumbers are not only a nutritious snack, but they also have plenty of skin benefits. Some people may not enjoy the coldness of two slabs of thick cucumbers on their eyes, but it's been proven that they reduce redness, decrease puffiness, and not to mention, the whole experience is super relaxing!

Honey, I Shrunk My Pores!

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Sam Jesner

In every aspect, honey is a very versatile skincare ingredient. Honey is great because it's all-natural, full of antioxidants, soothes irritation, and clarifies skin by opening up and unclogging pores. Personally, I like mixing a 'lil honey with some sugar; makes for the best, most inexpensive scrub!

The Sitch On Peppermint Oil

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Ellen Gibbs

If you have oily skin, peppermint oil is for you. Peppermint's cooling effects serves as a great antiseptic, refreshing and waking up worn-out skin. Not to mention, peppermint oil is great for oily hair and scalps!

Coo-coo For Coconut Oil

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Lauren Hughes

In addition to peppermint oil, coconut oil is a lovely ingredient to add to any skincare or haircare regimen. Coconut oil is extremely moisturizing which is great for dry skin and scalps (helpful for dandruff-ridden heads too). Not to mention, coconut oil is magnificent as a defense to the cold, wintery-months. Also, coconut oil works wonders as an all-natural makeup-remover. Sounds to me like an all-around great deal!

Lauren Hughes

Now, these are only a few kitchen ingredients, but I can guarantee every household has a bunch, and then some! So, ditch the pricey name-brands when you have your own pantry to explore!