The Fordham Caf AKA classically mediocre to anyone that is not a freshman.

I’ll never forget the feeling every college freshman constantly experiences during their first year: “you mean I can eat ALL of this food whenever I want??!” Obviously, the novelty has worn off.

I’ll admit it, I still love the caf. I’m actually there far too frequently, as it functions as both a social rendezvous and fruit stock-up, which is convenient as hell. Friendship and food, that about sums up my daily priorities. We can’t forget securing a booth for lunchtime and Survival of the Fittest—aside from ever-intriguing academic endeavors and conquering the world…

Thank you Fordham for creating one central hub that allows me to indulge in bowls and bowls of Honey Nut Chex and simultaneously run into every Ram I’ve ever met (whoa, that rhymed).

Jealous observers have actually stopped me before, curious where/how my colorful bowls, when not filled with Chex, originated. Had they arrived 5 minutes earlier, they would have seen me darting around the caf, visiting almost every station to craft my various creations.

Here I give you, dining hall hacks to tackle Fordham’s all-too-challenging Marketplace:

1. Ginger. On. Salads.


Photo by Jessica Mannino

An acquired taste, but it acts as an immune booster, muscle anti-inflammatory and nutrient-absorption amplifier.

Stop by the Sushi/Stir-Fry station and ask for a little ginger to top your salad, quinoa bowl or mixed veggies! I’m obsessed, and swear by it. The Sushi lady grins and says “Ayyy! Ginger-Girla’s here!” I’ve made it.

2. Mexican Flare

Go to the Mexican Bar to supplement your salad creativity – try adding the sautéed corn, some protein-stocked black beans or the tomato & onion salsa to your daily salad routine if the salad bar has you bored and sore from crunching on raw veggies. ¡Sodexo!

3. Cereal Creations


Photo by Jessica Mannino

Honey Nut Chex, from gluten free bar next to Deli, + vanilla soy milk. Done & done. And it’s gluten free.

Eat it out of a mug too, good for “portion control.” I then end up getting three mugs—it’s all about perception, people.

4. Avocado Toast


Photo by Jessica Mannino

Forget Two Hands or Jack’s Wife, make your own avo-toast! Grab a slice of whole wheat bread from the bakery section, run it through the toaster twice, grab an avocado or two from the Sushi/Stir-Fry station, top with a sliced hard boiled egg from the salad bar, drizzle a little olive oil on top and enjoy!

Won’t be Instagram-worthy, but it serves its purpose.

5. Breakfast burrito?


Photo by Jessica Mannino

Breakfast burritos can also reach a new level in the caf. Stop by the Mexican station to snag a whole wheat burrito, aka wrap, a banana to cut up, collect a few peanut butter cups, drizzle a little honey (found in the tea section next to the bakery!).

You can even toss some granola or raw quinoa, and wha-la! A power wrap.

And here you were, struggling with ingenuity at the omelette bar (after waiting a decade to order), or thinking you were being clever substituting quinoa for brown rice…. but you weren’t, and it’s okay.

Sodexo navigation isn’t a flair we’re all fastened with. So raise your mugs of (bottomless) Chex and say cheers to Sodexo. Just be glad that the real Manhattan #eeeeeats are a short subway ride away…

Don’t worry, Fordham students, more help is on the way: