So you really can’t find anything to open that beer bottle, huh? I don’t believe you. For the sake of quenching your thirst, there is another way to open the beer bottle that you have not likely thought of. Although I recommend the fulcrum technique, this one also works pretty well. All you’re going to need is a durable surface with a straight edge.

You’ll see in the following photos that I’m using a sliding door handle to open the beer. It is sturdy and I don’t really care about scratching it, so it works perfectly. Don’t use the edge of a coffee table or something that would upset you if you accidentally chipped it.

First, firmly hold the middle of the bottle. Place the bottom of the cap on the edge of your hard surface. The edge should be in between the bottom of the cap and the lip of the bottle.


Photo by Kathleen Lee

In a swift but controlled fashion, bring your fist down directly onto the top of the bottle cap. Here’s another “physics for poets” lesson: The downward force of your fist hitting the top of the bottle cap will be met by the equal and opposite force of the edge hitting the bottom of the bottle cap.


Photo by Kathleen Lee


Photo by Kathleen Lee

If you hold the bottle cap firmly on the edge of the hard surface, and hit the top of the cap straight on, you should have no problem. Just be careful holding a glass bottle as you hit it against a hard surface. If you’ve already had a few, it’s probably not in your best interest to open another using this technique…