Spaghetti is such a versatile pasta. Instead of constantly wasting food and time, save your leftovers and try creating one of these delicious dishes with them. 

Spaghetti Egg Omelette

Emily Sauchelli

An Italian tradition that has been passed down in my family is eating leftover spaghetti with scrambled eggs. Once the eggs are cooked, add cold pasta to the frying pan. The heat from the pan reheats the spaghetti and magically you have a new dish. I usually have it for breakfast however, this dish is great for any meal of the day. Add in some pecorino cheese for taste.

Seasoning Tip: I use McCormick's Italian Herb Grinder on many of my dishes as it adds the perfect amount of flavor.

Veggie Delight

Emily Sauchelli

A simple pasta dish starts with fresh vegetables. Begin your leftover creation by sautéing some of your favorite veggies, such as broccoli, peppers, onions, etc., or reheating leftover ones. Then, add some garlic with extra virgin olive oil. Once the veggies are cooked, add the pasta to the pan and let the spaghetti wake up. After your dish is all mixed together, season and serve. 

Cheese Tip: Cheeses that go great with pasta are Parmigiano-reggiano (parmesan), swiss, cheddar, and even pecorino romano. 

Spin on Seafood

Seafood Lunch photo by Carissa Gan (@carissagan) on Unsplash

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Fish is another great addition to use in leftovers. Fish, especially shrimp, goes great with pasta. After cooking your seafood put the leftover spaghetti into the pan and swirl the ingredients around until all of them come together. Add your desired spices and you have a fresh, tasty new dish for everyone to enjoy.   

How To End Food Waste

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, food waste is not only an economic issue but an environmental issue. As a society, consumers learning to not waste food will help our earth and our food supply in the long run.

The EPA classifies the best way to reduce food waste into four categories: planning, storage, prep, and thriftiness. Using these tips, along with the EPA's The Food: Too Good to Waste Toolkit, there are many resources readily available for people of all ages. This effort to end food waste in America not only teaches people how to think sustainably but also how to manage their own economy and health at the same time.

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