Don’t be scared of apples. If anything, be scared of cutting apples. The knife is sharp and the peel is slippery, the perfect storm that can turn preparing a snack into a trip to the emergency room. Cutting an apple can be dangerous and time consuming, and if that’s what’s stopping you from grabbing one on your way to class, we have a solution.

Solve all your kitchen fears, lack of time or healthy eating woes with a simple apple slicer. This innovative tool will not only spare your fingers some knife trauma, but will also slice your apple into bite-sized pieces in just 5 seconds flat.

A standard apple slicer, which sells for just around $10, will separate the core and cut your apple into 8 snack-sized pieces. These are perfect for eating with peanut butter or to pack in a bag to take to class.

When you’re rushing out the door, you might be inclined to grab the easiest snack you see, like say, a cinnamon-apple flavored Nutri-Grain bar. The bar will set you back 140 calories, while a fresh apple has just 65 calories and 3 grams of dietary fiber. That’s less than half the calories, three times the fiber, and with an apple slicer handy, the same amount of preparation time.

To spice up your apple cutting experience, invest in a Dial-a-Slice Apple Slicer. This high-tech version, sold for $15 on Amazon, has two settings to let you customize your apple slices. The 8 slice option provides you with the perfect snack, while the 16 slice option gives you thinner pieces perfect for baking apple pie or sprinkling over a salad.

And that’s just the standard apple slicer. If you want to get really creative with your home-made apple dishes, you may want to try a spiral apple slicer. The Apple Peeler/Slicer/Corer is a three trick pony that does just that. It peels the apple, separates the core, and slices your apple into wide and thin apple pieces. For $20, this type of apple slicer is perfect if you want to bake apple chips, or could also work with the standard peanut butter topping.

Whatever your apple preference, keep an apple slicer in your kitchen cabinet and you will always have a healthy snack right at your fingertips while keeping your fingertips cut-free.