Christmas is just around the corner. Time for baking cookies, shopping for presents and, of course, decking the halls with boughs of holly! Since the day after Halloween, Christmas decorations have been on display in every store you step foot into.

But maybe a $50 rotating and singing plastic Santa isn't exactly your cup of tea. That is when DIY comes into play — and the following is one of the cutest, cheapest and easiest: a candy cane reindeer. 

Step 1: Purchase all of the DIY elements.

Elizabeth Chambers

You will need a box of candy canes, a bag of miniature bells, a bag of small red pom-poms, a bag of googly eyes, a glue stick, and a bag of green pipe cleaners. 

Step 2: Twist the pipe cleaners on top of the curved part of the candy cane.

beer, tea
Elizabeth Chambers

The pipe cleaners act as your antlers. You can bend them into zig-zag shapes.

Step 3: Glue the googly eyes on.

pizza, tea, beer
Elizabeth Chambers

These go on the hook part of the candy cane. Now he is starting to look more like a reindeer.

Step 4: Glue his Rudolph nose on.

cookie, beer, cake, gingerbread
Elizabeth Chambers

The model for this DIY decoration is, naturally, the most famous reindeer of all. The red pom-pom gets glued below the googly eyes. Once you apply the glue to the pom-pom, press the nose onto the candy cane with your finger and hold it for at least 10 seconds (it usually takes some pressure in order to stay on). 

Step 5: Put the bell on an additional pipe cleaner 'collar' and tie it around the reindeer's neck.

beer, cake
Elizabeth Chambers

The finishing touch that will complete your DIY candy cane reindeer! 

Voila! Five easy steps to a cute DIY Christmas decoration. These are perfect for hanging on the Christmas tree or around the house. They'll add a personal touch to your average Christmas decor.