After a few months of navigating through the options of the caf, we think we have finally mastered the best ways to satisfy any craving. To help you save some time on making your own caf hacks, we thought we would share our top 10 Bucknell caf hacks with you. 

1. The caf has flavors for your coffee.

If you are looking for a way to save money while still having a tasty coffee, the caf is just the place to go. 7th Street charges an additional eighty cents for every shot of flavoring in your drink. So if you get your drink of choice, hold off on ordering the flavoring and head over to the caf to get it for free.

2. The button that says “Soda” on the beverage machine is actually seltzer

beer, soda, alcohol, tea
Shun Matsuhashi

That’s right, if you ever are in the mood for something bubbly that is zero calories, seltzer is definitely the move.

3. Take-out containers are your friend.

If you are running low on snacks in your dorm, take a to-go container and fill it with some chips or pretzels. Also, the soup container is a great way to store ice cream if you want to be prepared for a sudden sweet tooth and are too lazy to walk to the caf.

4. Be open to all stations when making a salad

Although the salad bar has a lot of options, over time you might get sick of the same toppings. If you walk around the caf there is often a variety of foods that go well on a salad such as sweet potatoes from the entree bar or additional vegetables from the stir fry section.

5. Use the panini maker for just about anything

If you want to spice up your sandwiches, the panini press can make a delicious meal fast. Homemade grilled cheeses, quesadillas or bagels with eggs and cheese are two of our favorite creations.

6. Make sure you go to the caf shutdowns

Every few weeks, the caf makes special meals based on an upcoming holiday. “Cafsgiving” offers all of your favorite Thanksgiving dishes and allows you to have a Friendsgiving before heading off on break for the week.

7. Don’t be shy to bring some toppings from home to the caf

If you are tired of what the caf has to offer, bring in your own food to add to your meal. Hummus goes great with vegetables or in a wrap and avocados taste delicious on a piece of toast.

8. Go to the gluten free section

cereal, corn, milk, wheat, sweet, oatmeal cereal, cornflakes, cherrios, Bowl, spoon, oats, Gluten Free, breakfast
Caroline Ingalls

Even if you don’t have a gluten intolerance, the section is open to everyone and has options that the rest of the caf doesn’t offer. Get some almond milk, try the gluten free pretzels, or grab some cereal such as Honey Nut Cheerios or Lucky Charms.

9. There are unlimited options when it comes to the ice-cream

Ever thought about making a root beer float? Put vanilla ice cream and root beer from the soda machine in a cup and voila! Or if you want a milkshake simply add milk to a cup of ice cream and stir. 

10. Grilled chicken is always available

chicken, pork, barbecue, meat
Christin Urso

Although grilled chicken tends to be a rarity on the menu, you can always order it from the grill. BUT you must be aware that it usually takes around twenty minutes to make.