It’s the year 2012…

and Monica is just finishing up some homework in her dorm. Her stomach starts to growl, and she realizes it’s gotten pretty late–she hasn’t eaten since 5:30 and she could really use a midnight snack (not to worry Monica– it won’t make you gain weight). But it’s a frigid February night, and she really doesn’t feel like leaving her room.

So what does she do?

She calls up Gilbert’s and places an order for the famous pizza box nachos, that come loaded with cheese, chili, guac, salsa, and sour cream. In 20 minutes, she hears a knock on her door.

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She leaps up, and as she opens the door the smell of cheesy chips washes over her (like it did for this musician who loved them too). She thanks the student who delivered them and takes her nachos back to her warm bed to munch away happily.

Wow, that sounds awesome. Why can’t I get nachos delivered to my door?

Those were the good old days, before Gilbert’s closed its doors to late-night snackers. In 2013, the home of pizza box nachos was changed to Lower, and the change came with a shocking and disturbing twist–you could no longer get them delivered to your door.

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Shrieks of despair rang out across campus when students returned from summer break and discovered what had happened. Although students were generally happy that year about the dining services switch from Sodexo to Bon Apetit, the nacho issue was still a sore subject.

The quality and quantity of the PBN have declined dramatically over the years. After they were moved to Lower, the boxes shrunk, and the nachos were no longer smothered in toppings. This year, the nachos were no longer available as meal exchange.

This means that if you want nachos now, you have to drag yourself all the way to lower and fork over $8.99 for a tiny box of mediocre nachos.

When the class of 2016 graduates, the best memories will be lost forever.


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