Are you throwing a party this weekend and don't want your neighbors to call the cops on you? Or maybe you're hoping to impress your hot neighbor or get some quality time with their dog. Or maybe you just want to be a good human and get into the spirit of Halloween by spreading some love to your fellow Duke Dogs.

Whatever your rhyme or reason, "Boo" your fellow Duke. This was one of my favorite neighborhood traditions growing up.

Here's how it works:

Pick one or two neighbors that you want to "Boo". Go to Walmart/Target/any store that sells Halloween goodies and pick a few things. Anything goes here, but for my lucky neighbors I chose some candy (duh), chips, everyone's favorite Pillsbury cookies, more candy, some fake snakes, gooey eyeballs, and fake vampire teeth.

Don't be afraid to get creative here. Try making these awesome popcorn balls from Tasty. Or these delicious looking caramel apples slices. 

I stuffed everything into a $1.00 plastic jack-o-lantern. If you want to score major good neighbor points, throw in some festive beer or a nice box of wine. Check out how to pair the alcohol with candy while you're at it. 

candy, peanut butter, chips, chocolate
Taylor Holmes

 Collectively, this cost me about $10. Just a reminder that this doesn't have to break the bank. 

Taylor Holmes

Next, print off this poem from and the accompanied picture of the ghost. When it gets dark, head over to your neighbor's house, leave the goodies and knock on the door, then run away before they answer so that your identity remains anonymous.

Your neighbor will then have 24 hours to tape the picture of the ghost on their door, get goodies for the next victim and repeat the "Booing."

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"Booing" your neighbors is a fun way to get into the spirit of Halloween and you have the potential to brighten someone's day (which is major good karma especially with the spooky weekend approaching).

If it catches on, you're a trendsetter, and if it doesn't, oh well at least you tried. Happy haunting, Dukes.