Winter is coming. Scratch that, winter is here with what seems like the power of a thousand Polar Vortexes. With tundra-like temperatures, there is nothing like comfort food to help you get by. From pancakes to fried chicken, here is how you can warm your body and soul with one refrigerator staple.

Batter is so easy to prepare in advance and keep in the fridge in case of emergency.  Whip up a boxed mix or recipe from scratch and keep it on hand (it’ll last about 3-4 days). Note that with time the batter might thicken in the fridge, so use water to thin it out as needed.

Step up to the plate with these four ways to use your pre-made batter:

1. Pancakes: The classic and obvious use for pancake batter. There are endless possibilities for creative add-ins and toppings so feel free to get crafty!


Photo by Lauren Kaplan

2. Sandwiches: You can use batter to make delicious buns that go with just about anything in between! One great take on this is an essential hangover cure: a lighter bacon egg & cheese made with turkey bacon and kale.


Photo by Lauren Kaplan

3. Fried Chicken: Winner winner chicken dinner. Coat raw chicken in batter and fry until crispy and cooked all the way through. Take caution when cooking with hot oil to avoid setting off your fire alarm. Make chicken nuggets and a dip for a fun party app.


Photo by Lauren Kaplan

4. Fried Oreos: Looking to indulge? smother Oreos in your batter and fry in hot oil until golden brown. Dust with powdered sugar to sweeten the deal.


Photo by Lauren Kaplan