Finals are hard enough, so it's always nice to destress with a sweet treat. If you're looking to give someone a sweet treat to celebrate finishing the semester, the holidays or National Cupcake Day on December 15, 2016, Baked by Melissa is the place to go or order from.

Cupcakes The Size of A Quarter

Madison Newman

Baked by Melissa has the best and sweetest treats quality gift-buying can offer. With cupcake assortments galore, Baked by Melissa offers unique flavors fit to be anyone's favorite. The brand's most popular gift box assortment is called "The O.G." and includes cupcake flavors ranging from red velvet and chocolate chip pancake to cookie dough and cookies & cream. When you order online or in the store, you can choose your assortment size and flavors as well. We won't judge you for filling up your one box with one variety.

Gift Giving Made Easy 

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Madison Newman
Sending cupcakes is the perfectholiday gift for your favorite college student, distanced family member or old neighbor. They're delicious and you'll forget about calories because of how small the cupcakes are. Delivered right to your doorstep with ice packs to keep them cold, these mini delights are ready to eat as soon as you open the package.

A Flavor For Everyone

With more than ten signature flavors, Baked by Melissa offers a variety of delicious cupcakes. If you're a chocolate addict like me, Triple Chocolate Fudge will be you're favorite one. I literally jumped for joy when by cupcakes came in the mail. When my friends and I celebrated the holidays at school, these were the star of the show.

There is never a wrong time to eat cupcakes, so if you're ever in need a quirky gift, look no further than Baked by Melissa cupcakes. Now I have no doubt what I am asking for this holiday season. Happy Holidays from one cupcake lover to another.