We've all been there. You scroll through your Insta and Snapchat and see many of the same foods and drinks. In your head you say:

Here are all the scenarios you may catch yourself in at Syracuse, and how to be basic in each:

During a late night study sesh:

You're, like, really pushing it to finish this essay.

The deadline is quickly approaching and you get super stressed. After not checking your phone for a solid 20 minutes, you know you deserve a break. Why not order a basic box of Insomnia cookies and send out a "stress eating" photo?

You know what they say. If you give a college student a cookie... then they are going to want to Snapchat it.

At a tailgate:

Since it's not implied that you are drinking during the day at a tailgate, you bring a drink with you to sip on.

Said drink will obviously be featured in your basic #tailgateszn pics, so you must choose the MOST STYLISH beverage. What screams ~trendy~ more than a colorful Starbucks drink?

"No mom, its not alcohol. I just like showing off my Passionfruit Lemonade, ok?"

While you're out:

It's a DJ's On the Hill kind of night, and that can only mean one thing: Red Bull with Vodka.

Bonus basic points if you Snapchat yourself drinking it with the time stamp any time past 1am.

DOUBLE bonus points if you add a time stamp and are STILL out at 3am or beyond. Thats, like, so #wild.

Tip: make sure you look super ~fun~ in your Snapchat Stories so people know it's not just Red Bull.

Morning after a night out:

You wake up on Sunday morning and all you can think about (besides that super cute boy from last night) is breakfast.

You grab enough friends so that your basic Stella's breakfast aesthetic is spot-on. No less than 4 and definitely no more than 8.

Sure, the chair you stand on to get the perfect picture isn't as #LIT as the elevated surface you danced on last night. But, you do what you gotta do #fortheinsta #eeeeeats.

Beginning your week's diet:

The dreaded Monday has come again where you must ask yourself, "Is butter a carb?"

Never fear, the greens are here. You head over to CoreLife Eatery with most likely one other friend. The salads look best with symmetry.

You basically get two for the price of one. A #lowcal and #SBdiet-approved meal PLUS a basic Instagram post that will do great things for your Insta ~flow~.

Ending your week's diet:

Unfortunately, Core is right next to The Ice Cream Stand.

You have a "Whatever, I'm getting cheese fries" moment and go for the ice cream with the basic marshmallow on top.

Since you already posted your salad and you, like, can't post twice in one day, you are conflicted by this beautiful work of ice cream art. You opt for the only logical option left: Instagram stories.

You thank Insta for constantly trying to be Snap, and you capture the flame action of your basic marshmallow on your Insta story.

You almost didn't get to post what you ate. That was a close one! PHEW.

If you don't roll with the basic-type, and can't tell your Snaps from your Instas, don't worry. Because honestly, being unique is