We get it: punches ain’t cheap. Yes, they feel like free money. Yes, with a swipe of your JAC, your tummy problems are swiftly solved. That being said, for those of us with limited punches, every single one is a choice that needs to be weighed carefully. And no decision is harder to make than whether to punch at D-Hall or not. Excuse me, D-Hub. Whatever, it will always be D-Hall to me regardless of it’s location.

So instead of going in blind, walk into D-Hub/Hall with a purpose. Hack the ‘ish out of it and never look back.

1. Go and stay for a while


Photo Courtesy of JMU Dining

Head over at around 2:30 with your computer or a book, grab some lunch and ~chill.~ In fact, chill so long that it becomes dinnertime. Two meals for the price of one punch. They won’t kick you out, they’re too nice for that.

2. Bring tupperware


Photo courtesy of @maureencrossfitness on Instagram

This is definitely a risky move but I’ve done it once or twice in my day and haven’t regretted it a damn bit. Make yourself a lil sandwich and then make yourself ANOTHER sandwich and pack it for later. Ta-dah.

3. Come hungry, leave absolutely stuffed


Photo by Jake Toth

Don’t you dare come here for lunch after a big breakfast. When I come to D-Hall, I like to be pretty starving. Like, foaming-at-the-mouth hungry. That way, I eat a ton of food and I feel satisfied by the amount of plates I collect. We can’t say for sure that you will survive the D-Hall dash but it’s worth a go.

4. Dranks on dranks


Photo courtesy of cincovidas.com

D-Hall has a gorgeous wall of tasty beverages. You know what I see when I see that wall? Chasers. Free chasers. Bring your S’well bottle and stock up for a Burnett’s night. Mellow-Yellow is your friend.

5. Is it a friend’s birthday? Free treats


Photo courtesy of @jmudining on Instagram

Oh, you forgot it was your hall-mate’s 19th birthday and she’s trying to get lit? I KNOW. Grab a handful of chocolate chip cookies, a decorative gift bag and voila, you don’t look like a total jerk and she’ll probably share the cookies with you. (Also, BAM—D-hall dessert hacks.)

6. Stock up on basics


Photo by Paige Stickevers

Need some napkins? Sugar packets for your morning cup of Keurig coffee? Running low on granola in your dorm? Bring baggies and stock the heck up.