We all want whiter teeth. We’ve been told to stay away from red wine, tea and coffee. But as a college student, it’s pretty hard to stay away from all these things. Consider eating an extra serving of the following foods instead, and you’ll be on your way to pearly whites.



Photo by Jocelyn Hsu

These may seem like they’ll stain your teeth, but the malic acid in these berries will act as an astringent and can actually remove tooth discoloration.



Photo by Alia Wilhelm

In case there weren’t enough reasons to eat broccoli, here’s another. Broccoli contains iron that helps form an acid-resistant  barrier to protect your tooth enamel. The tops of the broccoli will act as scrubbers and won’t cause surface stains. Eating broccoli is kind of like brushing your teeth! Just make sure that the broccoli is raw or just lightly steamed to retain its crispness.

Apples and Pears


Photo by Katherine Baker

Apples and pears are high in water, which increases saliva production. This in turn neutralizes bad bacteria that can cause plaque and bad breath. In addition, since apples are so crunchy, they strengthen gums. Both these fruits, like strawberries, contain malic acid, so they act as a natural whitener.



Photo by Elizabeth Layman

Although this veggie may not be the best for your breath, they won’t cause any surface stains since they’re colorless. Plus, you may be more likely to brush after eating this pungent vegetable. In addition, onions contain sulfur compounds that reduce bacteria that cause tooth decay.

Cheese, Milk and Yogurt


Photo by Kathleen Lee

All of these foods are high in calcium, which strengthens your teeth, keeps them healthy and makes enamel whiter. Most cheeses are colorless, so they won’t cause staining.

Celery and Carrots


Photo by Karen Ding

Like apples, these foods are high in water, so they’ll cause more saliva production. This production will help wash away any food debris and make your gums stronger. Plus carrots are high in vitamin A, which is necessary for healthy tooth enamel.



Photo by Devon Carlson

Most nuts are really crunchy, which gently removes plaque and stains. Since most are full of healthy fats, consider having these for a snack.