Tired of the same-old ice cream cone with sprinkles from the dining hall ice cream machine? In need of some Insta-worthy desserts? Here are six different combinations of dining hall ice cream topped with other dining hall essentials that ensure that your dining hall desserts will never be boring again. 

1. Ice Cream on Cake or Pie

Elizabeth Neeb

Let your senses rejoice with this perfect pairing of hot and cold. I paired a warm slice of apple pie with vanilla ice cream, but the possibilities are endless. See what the dining hall is baking that day! Soft serve would be also be great on chocolate cake, eclair cake, cheesecake, or tres leches cake. 

2. Milkshake 

Elizabeth Neeb

This one's all about creativity & user preference! Depending on how thick you like your milkshake, you can add as little or as much milk as you want. Get creative with toppings; anything from crushed Oreos from the sundae bar to hot chocolate powder can be used to customize your shake! Pro Tip: Be sure to leave enough room in the cup to thoroughly stir your drink! 

3. Root Beer Float

Elizabeth Neeb

Root beer floats are the best because they are refreshing treats that you can eat with a spoon and drink, too! Customize yours by experimenting with different soda flavors.

4. Ice Cream Sandwich

Elizabeth Neeb

This one is a 2-in-1! Choose two of your favorite cookies, or mix and match, and sandwich your flavor of choice in between! My personal favorite is one peanut butter cookie and one sugar cookie with vanilla in between. You can even roll it in sprinkles or chocolate for an Insta-worthy and delicious dessert! Throw in toppings before putting the top cookie on for a surprise in every bite. 

5. Fruit Parfait

Elizabeth Neeb

Trying to be healthy but still want to indulge? Swap sprinkles and Oreos for yogurt-bar toppings such as strawberries, mangoes, and granola. Hey, you tried.

6. Re-Imagined Cereal

Elizabeth Neeb

Ditch the boring 2% milk for ice cream! Customize your bowl with any of your favorite cereals. I used Fruit Loops and Fruity Pebbles. For a decadent treat, try chocolate ice cream with Chocolate Pebbles and Reese's Puffs. 

At this point, you have no excuse for eating boring desserts in the dining hall. Grab your friends and a bowl or two, and start making delicious desserts that'll have everyone in the dining hall green with envy.