Sometimes you get tired of typical dining hall food, but still have to use your meal swipes for the week. Here are some new dining hall recipes to try the next time you're in the IV (or any) dining hall

1) Chicken Salad Sandwich

Grab some chicken salad from the kosher station and bread from the breakfast area and make a sandwich!

toona, Vegan, sourdough bread, vegan tuna salad, Vegan Tuna, sandwich
Kylie Arsenault

2) Avocado Toast

If there's avocado at the salad bar, get some to make avocado toast for an easy lunch that isn't grilled cheese or pasta. Add feta or siracha to make it fancy.

avocado pit, avocado halves, avocado
Jocelyn Hsu

3) Grilled Chicken Salad

Make a salad at the salad bar, but get creative with what you put in it! Grab some grilled chicken from the comfort food section, or some different veggies from the vegan section.

Becky Hughes

4) Ice Cream Sandwiches

Get cookies from the dessert counter, top them with soft serve, and make a sandwich. Bonus points if you add sprinkles on the sides.

ice, ice cream, sandwich, cream, cookie, cake
Julia Hedelman

5) Waffle Sandwich

Why limit yourself to ice cream sandwiches? Have dessert for dinner and layer soft serve, nutella, chocolate chips, and other ice cream toppings between waffles.

Breakfast, chocolate, ice-cream, Waffles
Akhila Anand

6) Oatmeal (With Toppings)

Yes, the oatmeal is lumpy and bland. BUT you can make it taste good if you branch out from the typical brown sugar and raisins as toppings. Head over to the ice cream toppings bar and top your oatmeal with some coconut and chocolate chips. Or, add a scoop of peanut butter and slice up a banana. Or you could even grab some granola from the fruit bar to add some crunch.

Ellie Yamanaka