When I was young, I loved loosing teeth. It proved you were outgrowing your baby years and growing up. And  mustn’t we forget the added bonus of a few dollars waiting under your pillow the next morning.

These days however, loosing teeth ain’t so ordinary. It typically equates to having some teeth taken out, usually your wisdom teeth. It seem at some point between the end of high school and college everyone is having them taken out and the downsides are endless.

Chipmunk like cheeks, 3-4 days of ice packs and pain killers and, of course, a highly restrictive diet. However, fear not. These 5 foods will have you forgetting your longing for the crunchy and chewy delectables and keep you smiling through your recovery.

Ice Cream

Photo by Lindsay Bralower

Ice cream is hands down the biggest perk of having your wisdom teeth removed. Dessert for every meal will have you feeling like a kid again and making you wish you had more teeth to loose.


Photo by Lindsay Bralower

Applesauce will act as your staple over the course of your recovery. It is easy to get down and so tasty. With applesauce available in squeezable packs, it is perfect if you’re on-the-go or simply need to replenish.


Photo by Lindsay Bralower

Smoothies are the perfect for every meal of te day. They are packed with protein and nutrients, revitalizing you.


Photo by Lindsay Bralower

While you may need to hold the granola for a few days, a cup of yogurt is a great, soft food to stock up on during your wisdom teeth recovery. There are endless brands and flavors that will makeup your options limitless.

Almond Butter/ Peanut Butter

Photo by Lindsay Bralower

Nut butters are the hidden gems of the bunch. They can be easily eaten with a spoon, packing in the calories when you start feeling woozy. Make sure to stick to creamy nut butters though, no chunky butter until you’re fully recovered.

I wish you a very speedy recovery and hope you enjoy your wisdom teeth food excursion.