Ah, the rice cake. The once crazed diet food has now become a dorm room snack essential. If you're finding yourself stuck in a peanut butter and banana rice cake funk, let this article be your culinary lighthouse. Follow these 5 recipes below to seriously upgrade your rice cake game.

1. The 'Cado

Paige Blanchard

What you need: rice cake, avocado, egg, and a microwave

For the yolk lovers out there: this one is for you. In a bowl, mash up the avocado and then put it on top of the rice cake. Next, crack an egg on a bowl or plate, leave it whole, and put in it the microwave for 1 minute (or however yolky you like that baby). Then just slide it on top the avo mash, top with seasonings of choice (my personal favorite is Everything But the Bagel from Trader Joes), and enjoy your creation. 

2. The Nut Job

Paige Blanchard

What you need: rice cake, greek yogurt, pistachios, and honey

This one meets all breakfast criteria: protein, carbs, fats and a little bit o' sweetness. This one is the easiest to assemble as you just scoop the yogurt on the cake, sprinkle some pistachios, and drizzle the honey. It's the best of both worlds; both healthy and delicious. 

3. The Sweet Tooth

Paige Blanchard

What you need: rice cake, Nutella, raspberries and sea salt 

Personally, I consider this happiness in a rice cake. First, spread the Nutella on the rice cake, top with raspberries (or any fruit you desire) and add a sprinkling of sea salt. You can enjoy this at any time of the day (Nutella is a breakfast food right?) and it never gets old. The classic sweet and salty combo is a match made in gourmet heaven. 

4. Little Italy

Paige Blanchard

What you need: rice cake, lettuce, tomato, and pesto

Pesto is the light of my life. Finding a way to put it on a rice cake was my greatest success. But this isn't about me, it's about you impressing your friends looking like a rice cake connoisseur. Start by layering the lettuce (I used bibb) on top of the cake and add sliced tomatoes. Then, drizzle pesto on top, and you're cake is complete. If you're feeling ambitious, you could go one step further and add some mozzarella cheese because cheese is never a bad idea (unless a lactose intolerance is involved). 

5. The Greek Goddess

Paige Blanchard

What you need: rice cake, cream cheese, walnuts, dried figs, and honey

When concocting these rice cakes, I gathered a few of my friends and had a makeshift tasting party. Out of all the other recipes, this one takes the (rice) cake. We were obsessed with it, and you will be too. First, spread the cream cheese all over the rice cake. Then, top with walnuts and a few sliced figs, and finish with that honey drizzle once more. Because you wont use the whole tub of cream cheese in one use, this is the rice cake that keeps on giving. 

Paige Blanchard

These 5 rice cakes will definitely step up your game--and hone your dorm room culinary skills. Enjoy!