Halloween in college is typically thought of as one of the only times in a  year when it’s completely acceptable to dress in as little fabric as possible without being given stares of astonishment. But we here at Spoon like to use the orange and black holiday to express our love of food. Here are some easy ways to dress up as food. Check them out if you’re in need of a quick costume! Hostess_twinkies_tweaked 1. Twinkie

Celebrate the return of everyone’s favorite Hostess with the mostest. All you need is yellow or beige clothes (a dress, shirt and pants) and some cotton balls to glue in three circles down your clothes.

2. Drunken Noodles

Carry some liquor bottles or a flask with you all night, and glue some used Top Ramen noodle packets onto your clothes. Cheap, sodium rich noodles and alcohol – so college, amirite?


Photo by StudioDIY

3. Strawberry Frosted Donut

Grab that pool tube you have laying around, and spray paint the top pink. You can cut up some construction paper in small rectangles to make sprinkles to top the “frosting!” Note: we don’t imagine that everyone has pool tubes laying around. This one might need some more preparation.


Photo from Pinterest

4. Deviled Egg

Put on your Devil horns from last year, and tape a circle of yellow onto a white Hanes shirt to make yourself into a devilishly delicious egg.
Warning: We feel compelled to tell you that you will not look as cute as this baby

5. Slutty Brownie

My costume of choice this year includes wearing slightly-scandalous brown clothing and taping pictures of oreos and chocolate chip cookies to my dress to simulate the most delicious dessert of all.