If your parents, grandparents, or friends who are always looking to be healthy are anything like mine, then you’re probably used to everyone telling you to “drink more water, you’ll feel so much better.”

Whenever I go to the doctor and don’t feel well, it’s always, “Just try and drink as much water as you can and stay hydrated.”

Everyone’s obsession with water was starting to put me towards the brink of annoyance, but then one of my health nut friends told me that I probably just needed more water to become more energized.

And I guess it’s actually true. Water can help balance the fluids of our muscles to always keep them energized; our skin look better when we’re more hydrated, and it just all around helps to balance our body fluid to control bodily functions.

It’s easy to say that we know that water is good for us and that we know we should drink more, but it’s another thing to put that into practice.

Running around all day from classes to meetings to work and more barely leaves anytime for us to breathe. But with these 5 pieces of advice to help increase your daily water intake, your new skin will be sure to thank you soon.

1. Buy a Filter


Photo courtesy of flickr.com

Buying a Brita is not only economical but will also remind you to drink water.  Get one and refill it each night before you hit the sack. The Brita Filter has the possibility of becoming your best friend. And by keeping it in the  fridge over night, you get to wake up with some nice, chilled H20.

2. Carry a Water Bottle


Photo by Lauryn Lahr

We always make up excuses as to not drinking water because it’s not “accessible” to us. Carrying around a water bottle is an efficient way to add more water to our diets, and depending on which one you get, it can really make a difference.

3. Use Natural Enhancers


Photo by Caroline Liu

Make your water more delicious by adding cucumbers, lemons, or infusing other foods into it.

Aside from adding an extra bit of kick to your average water, infusing water with fruits like lemon and lime are also an extra health benefit.

4. Eat Water Heavy Foods


Photo by Tiare Brown

By eating foods with a lot of water, like watermelons and tomatoes, that both have over 90 percent of water, it can give you similar effects with a bit more taste and texture.

Sometimes water can just be so boring, but watermelon’s never are.

5. Set a Timer for Yourself


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This is for those people who really can’t seem to make it work and have to resort to their last option. Setting a timer is kind of a cheap way to go about it, but it gets the job done, and that’s what we’re looking for.

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