Winter may be quickly coming to an end, but this cold weather and snow don’t seem to want to go anywhere. Since health is always top of mind, here are some foods to eat to keep you healthy and free of sickness during the home stretch.

Black Pepper

This common spice staple has some unique, cold-fighting attributes. Black peppercorns contain a high amount of piperine, which is know for its ability to reduce fevers and pain. So next time you’re feeling under the weather make sure to not skimp on the seasoning.

Photo by Lauren Thiersch

Brazil Nuts

Brazil Nuts are packed with the mineral selenium, which can help boost your immunity. Selenium also helps produce cytokines, which aid in fighting common flu viruses. Just of a couple of nuts will provide you with your daily selenium needs!


Photo by Madison Mounty


Oranges and Clementines

The vitamin C found in these citrus fruits not only helps to prevent colds, but is also proven to shorten the duration of them and lessen the symptoms you face while you have a cold.

Photo by Madison Mounty


Inflammation can hurt your immune system and stop it from functioning properly. The omega-3 fatty acids found in tuna can actually help reduce inflammation and keep you healthy. Tuna is also full of Glutamine, an amino acid that helps your immune system function properly. Stay healthy and check out this tuna salad recipe!


Photo by Kimberlee Bochek


Ginger can help relieve congestion and sooth soar throats, but that’s not all. Ginger actually has unique chemicals in it that attack the most common group of flu viruses, rhinoviruses. Enjoy it in tea with some honey or check out this ginger soup recipe!

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