We all really like food (yes, I said it), and our wish for food is unlimited. The biggest problem is that our bank accounts aren't, especially on a college student's budget. An easy way to get around this is by joining popular loyalty programs. They are free to join, give you rewards, and just require having a phone app! Here are five you should sign up for today. 

1. Starbucks Rewards

Whether we want to admit it or not, we've all been to Starbucks—it's delicious and you can find one anywhere. Unfortunately, all those tasty vanilla lattes add up. By joining Starbucks Rewards, you will not only get a free drink on your birthday and be able to online order to skip the long lines, but, if you reach Gold Status, you'll receive a free food or drink for every $62.50 you spend (125 stars, and $1 spent = 2 stars). They also have special offers and monthly double star days. 

2. DD Perks

Dunkin' Donuts isn't far behind Starbucks. Sign up for their program and you get a free beverage when you join, on your birthday, and for every $40 you spend, you'll be rewarded with a free drink (it takes 200 points, and $1 spent = 5 points). Plus, you'll be part of their special events and benefit from on-the-go mobile ordering. We all need that daily coffee or that occasional donut treat, so why not take advantage of these benefits?

3. MyPanera

With 2,069 Panera Bread locations throughout the US, you're sure to end up eating at one of them. Whether you're craving their freshly baked bread for breakfast, or want to sit down for a salad or mac n' cheese, Panera won't dissapoint. By joining MyPanera you'll get rewards for your purchases, special offers, and the ability to personalize and place a mobile order. 

4. Sweetgreen

Frequent customer at Sweetgreen? Your go-to lunch spot? Don't like preparing your own salads? Download the Sweetgreen app now. The ranks for loyalty status are green, gold, and black. Green level customers get a free salad on their birthday, and 1 percent of all purchases made with the app are donated. Avid customers that reach the gold or black level receive more exclusive perks like invite-only invitations or special customer services lines. You even get "Sweetgreen Swag" as a gold or black level customer! 

5. Pressed Rewards

Pressed Juicery offers juices, cleanse programs, and Freeze,  a vegan, fruit based "frozen yogurt." Join Pressed Rewards to get the best deal on your cleanses or on this healthy ice cream alternative to satisfy your sweet tooth. There are three different levels (Member, Gold, and VIP). As a regular member, you'll get a free birthday present as well as a free juice or freeze for every 100 points (every 75 points for Gold and every 50 points for VIP)! The higher your status, the more discounts you get on cleanses and better your deals are! True fans will be able to reach the Gold or VIP levels. 

This is not an exhaustive list, so don't be afraid to ask if your local chain has a loyalty program. Be on the lookout, your next free meal or snack is not as far away as you think!