We all know those nights we just can’t bear the thought of going out. Maybe it’s too cold or too hot, we’re too lazy, or the NBA playoffs are on. Whatever the reason may be we’re faced with a dilemma: we don’t want to go anywhere, but our cabinets are completely bare. Fear no more. Grubhub is taking the food scene by storm, a food delivery service, making sure all your favorites can be ordered to your door from your couch. Just use the promo code “UCLAyummm” to get $7 off of your first order of $15 or more.

One of the biggest complaints about delivery is that it just isn’t that environmentally-friendly. With box within box, bag within bag, too many napkins, and too many forks, you start to feel guilty. So how can you save the planet and your stomach too? Check out the 4 ideas below for how to use your leftover delivery items to create something unique and lasting.

1. Plastic Bags


Photo courtesy of @creaenverden on Instagram

Have an outdoor patio? Use plastic bags to create a unique and fun skirt for your planter. Bring a pep of color to your porch, and keep your plant warm all night long.

2. Boxes


Photo courtesy of yixler on Flickr

Make your own hopscotch… you know that game you used to play when you were young, where you throw the tile, and then jump over it. Use delivery boxes, and cardboard items to create this old fashion game so you and your friends can relive your childhood shenanigans.

3. Silverware


Photo courtesy of @gearylebell on Instagram

Suppose you’re given a silverware set: one fork, one knife, one spoon. Well just suppose you didn’t order soup and now you have extra spoons. Save these spoons and use them to create a beautiful wall hanging that will have all your friends wondering how exactly you have money for eclectic art in college.

4. Plastic Cups


Photo courtesy of @mossandmisc on Instagram

You order a cup of coffee. Wash the cup out well, and fill with potting soil for a beautiful and simple pot that didn’t cost you a dime.

Now you can enjoy your takeout and feel good about being environmentally-conscious. Order on GrubHub and use the promo code “UCLAyummm” to get $7 off your order of $15 or more because saving money feels pretty good too.