UF has some pretty good dining halls. The veggie burgers at Gator Corner are freaking fantastic and the roasted chicken at Fresh Food Dining is top-notch. Though the dining hall staff work very hard to give us some high quality foods, it does get a little bland if you eat a lot of your meals there. So it's time to spruce it up! Turn up the dial on the dining halls and use these 4 ways to upgrade your UF dining hall meals a tad more food-tastic.

A Little Toasty

Rae Gutcheon

Nutritious and delicious, the "French Banana", as I've dubbed it, is my absolute favorite dining hall meal. It consists of two slices of French toast, peanut butter slathered on top, sliced banana on top of that, and completed with a drizzle of honey to give it that extra sweetness. The French Banana can be constructed at either Gator Corner or Fresh Food Co. during breakfast hours. 

Saryn Subs: If French toast isn't your thing, or if the dining hall isn't serving them, just swap it out for pancakes or make a waffle and use that instead!

Let's Get This Bread

Rae Gutcheon

Have a constant craving for grilled cheese, but never know where or how to get it? Well, fear no more dear reader, because I have just solved your cheesy little problem. This toasty sandwich requires 4 slices of cheddar cheese with a slice of white bread on each end to make the gooey-gooey grilled cheese you've always wanted. All you have to do is go to the Deli at either dining hall and relay your order unto the staff member behind the counter. 

Saryn Subs: For a healthier option, swap out the bread for whole wheat or gluten-free!

Nacho Average Nachos 

The nacho station at Fresh Food Company is slightly lacking, so I figured it was time to turn up the dial and bring to you... SUPREME NACHOS! This upgraded meal can be easily created by stacking on the nachos then heading over to the salad bar and piling it high with lettuce, corn, beans, and plenty more. Of course, at the end, queso is a must and completes the nachos in a neat little bow. 

Saryn Subs: Either keep it vegetarian with all the amazing veggies from the salad bar, or add some meat from Home Zone or Grill.

We all Float Here

Rae Gutcheon

Throwback to the 50's with your very own root beer float! All you need to make this delicious dessert is a bowl of vanilla ice cream and a cup of root beer from either Gator Corner or Fresh Food Company! This dessert can be a little explosive, so I caution putting in too much ice cream at one time or there might be more bubbles than you bargained for. 

Saryn Subs: Not a fan of root beer? Make a Pepsi float, or choose a different soda flavor to make all your ice cream float dreams come true. 

Rae Gutcheon

Hopefully, you enjoyed these four ways to upgrade some dining hall meals and decide to try them out for yourself! Don't be afraid to make your own dining hall creations and try something new!