I get it. I know the frustration that comes from feeling stuck in the kitchen and/or extended cooking minutes. A good cook knows how to create dishes even if it means successfully breaking kitchen rules to create them.

This is where YouTube comes in. YouTube is popular for music videos, funny videos and vlogs but I like to spend my time watching the food hack videos. It is always great to have a bag of tricks for times when the old-fashioned way just does not cut it.

Here are some hacks that will take your culinary skills from beginner to chef status:

1. Make pizza dough from quinoa

To my healthy foodies, you can stuff your face with a healthy version of pizza or stick to the classic pizza recipe. No judgement.

2. Easily peel fruits

Cheers to eating fruits this season. We can finally enjoy fruits this summer without the added stress.

3. Cool drinks faster

You don’t have to water down your drinks anymore by serving it over ice.

4. Keep vegetables crunchier

There goes your excuse for not eating vegetables.

5. Get perfectly ripe avocados

Perfect avocado toast every time? Can the people say Amen?

6. De-husk your corn in seconds

Trying to save grilling time? Try this trick and take your salad game to the next level.

7. Revive stale bread

Don’t toss that stale bread, it is still french toast and sandwich-worthy.

8. Make vegan meringues

Yes it is a thing. Vegans really do not miss out at all. You can finally try out this amazing recipe.

9. Get more out of your waffle iron

Get creative using your waffle iron and try out these recipes.

10. Reduce the ripening process of bananas

Bought more bananas than you need? You don’t have to save the rest for banana bread when you can have banana snickerdoodles instead.

11. Turn a baking sheet into a tart pan

Save on buying tart pans with this simple trick and try out this recipe.

12. To measure gooey ingredients

It is no longer annoying to measure honey or sticky ingredients in recipes.

13. Clean your spice grinder with white rice

White rice definitely has a place in the kitchen.

14. Make better use of coffee

Coffee isn’t just for drinking anymore. You can get your caffeine fix by trying out these recipes.

15. Get room temperature butter

Toast with butter is still an option on a busy morning or you can take it up a notch with this grilled cheese sandwich.